Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pirate Tomica continues....

Pirate Tomica continues to other models in the Tomica range. Why are models such as VW Microbus & Daihatsu Midget copied illegally? Simply, profits due to the popularity of these models. Try copying a Morgan or Ford Model T, I think nobody will ever know because simply nobody wants them. Here is the link for other Pirate Tomica Daihatsu Midget:

“็œŸๅ“”means original, “ไปฟๅ“”means copy or pirate, just in case you do not understand Chinese characters. You can translate the website.

The following Tomica are rumoured to be in the making, in fact, eBay HK sellers have been selling them for quite time already. It's sad to know that my Herbie might have a copy. I haven't seen one yet and I hope I will never see one. The Tomica Herbie is a rare variation in the Beetle range. I have 2 at once and sold my spare years ago in eBay.

I am wondering who will really buy these fakes. I am sure collectors will buy them because they will think that it is a real bargain as they do not know of these fakes. This is cheating and as serious Tomica collectors, we don't welcome these pirates. As for new collector who just came into the collecting scene, they wouldn't care even if they know they are fakes because they don't grow up with Tomica, hence no sentimental value to them. I have heard one such new collector told me that he doesn't mind re-issue or revival Tomica because they can't afford the Japan made vintage Tomica. I am sure he will not mind fake ones too.

There are no fakes Minis at the moment but I predict this might be the next pirate project. There are many Mini fans worldwide so anything Mini or Beetle is easy to sell it off. After much discussion, who is the real culprit and produce these Pirates Tomica? Well, it's actually made by a famous collector shop in Hong Kong. He copied the original moulding and the factory in China made these for him. He is currently looking for re-sellers to sell off these pirates. Again, say NO to Pirate Tomica.

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  1. oh no...will be going to HK to buy my Tomica. which famous collector shop sells these fakes?