Saturday, May 21, 2022

Apr 2022 Purchase

Drygun from the Neros Army in the 1987 Choujinki Metalder series. This is based on a Mitsubishi Pajero and the set is complete and in very good condition.

Metal Charger also in the Choujinki Metalder series. This is based on a 80s Mazda Familia aka Mazda 323. Car is loose but still in great condition.
After transformation. Reminds me of the 1985 M.A.S.K. series. Doesn't look out of place even if display with Thunderhawk, Raven or even Manta. 

Pioneer toy cars that are marketed as Maruka in Japan. I am not sure if Pioneer still produces toy cars today. Looks interesting to me and I bought them since they are not too dear for my wallet. 

Poliguri Mercedes Benz W124 Green with Black roof. I have a few Poliguri W124 but besides Matchbox who made them in the 80s, I couldn't think of anyone who made this model (maybe Siku). The box are all in poor condition but car is still intact. 

From the same seller and this one is a yellow version. 

This is also another nice model made by Poliguri, the Peugeot 405 Rally. I might do some polishing when I have more time as the car has some stains on it. The casting looks suspiciously borrowed from Majorette and the wheels are Siku inspired. 

Diapet, a brand that I will not miss when I visit Japan for toy car hunting. Their bread and butter series are Dandy sized and the selection of vehicles is definitely much more generous than Dandy. This Toyota 2000GT looks totally fresh from factory. 

Tomica Toyota Crown. I bought this from my collector friend in Hong Kong and was told that this piece is a dead stock. That explains why the car and box are so new.


Tomica Mitsubishi Pajero. I bought this from my collector friend in Japan. Surprisingly looks totally new as well.

Tomica Nissan Bluebird wagon. I know that I have this in my collection but I am buying more for the box than the car. 

That's all folks. Didn't buy much these days. Trying hard to buy more in May.