Friday, August 5, 2011

Conrad - Mercedes Benz S Class

I been waiting patiently on these Conrads. Wanted more of these as they are really nice little cars. Anyone willing to let go of their W123 Wagons?

I got a red and a silver one. The wheels looked a little Tomica and Polistil RJ.

Although it was scaled at 1/66, it has many openings. Small car, big features.

Just an idea to show you the size of this car by placing it besides its Germany counterpart, a Siku Mercedes Benz SLS which has 1/55 scale.

Base is good for people who have fetish for metals.

Spares cars available but for circulation in Singapore only. Only to let to serious collectors in Singapore.

I do not know why I couldn't leave comment in my own blog, please contact me via my email in future.

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