Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter Flohmarkt - Hamburg Messe

Wolfgang (of Goodies Old Toys) informed that there will be a Winter Flohmarkt (Flea Market) on Sunday when I visited his shop the day before. He will be there to hunt for his prey. I told him not to buy all the toy cars otherwise I would be empty handed if I were to go there. So the next day, I wake up early and took a taxi to Hamburg Messe hoping for a big haul. I been to Hamburg Messe in 2008 as I participated in the SMM, the largest Marine exhibition in the world (as we all believe), as an exhibitor. I know that Winter Flohmarkt will take up 3 small halls and has around 400 stalls. It's bigger than any flea market I went so far. Admission is not free as admission is 3.50 Euro.

The difference between this Winter Flohmarkt and ours in Singapore is that there are really old stuff available there. Ours is more of a swap meet for toys and other newer collectibles, hardly old stuff to buy. There are different stalls for old furniture, toys, porcelain, junks etc.

There are stalls like the one shown above which sell mainly toy cars but their prices are hardly a bargain. You will have to be alert for stalls which sells general stuff as they might have toy cars as well. You could get them at a better price compared to stalls specialised in toy cars.

We have such stall all over in China Square which sells figurine. Singapore is a figurine collectors market, not really a paradise for toy car collectors.

I saw some pistols which looked like they are from the late 19th or early 20th century. Pawn it or sell it? Ha... watch too much of Pawn Stars.

I bought 2 of these replica signboard. I felt weird that I bought one for DKW Motorcycle and one for Martini, nothing about cars at all.

I saw this vintage looking doll in pram and it has just been bought by a lady. I took a quick snap at the doll before she left. She must be really glad with her purchase as she was laughing and chatting away with the seller before leaving. To be honest, the doll looked nice but a little scary.

There are many other toy cars all over the flea market. Here are some photos of the stalls with toy cars. I took them so that you can do a virtual hunting here. These are the pictures my friends are waiting for as they seriously hope to be there after I showed them what I had bought.

Matchbox, Siku and many others.

I thought these will be a bargain as they are chucked in a corner. I asked the seller for the Siku 911 (but I am more interested in the red car, Tekno?, and other cars in the lot) as an reference for his price range. He told me it is 20 Euro so I give up asking for other cars.

Some play worn toy cars but nothing interest me here. There are more beneath the box but I choose to pass as well.

I bought some cars in this stall. 3 Siku of the 60s & 70s here and they are the best buy of the day although they cost a little more. See the clear plastic case on the left?

I bought 2 cars here as well, a Matchbox (60s) and a Majorette (early 70s). Almost pass for the 2 cars because I misunderstood the seller asking for 7 Euro but later his wife (I assumed) told that it's 2 Euro and not 7.

I wanted a few Siku here but I heard a customer asking for the blue Ford GT and it is 20. I passed.

These are too "huge" for my collection.

Matchbox is not in my shopping list unless they are 2 Euro or I wanted the model so much. I was looking for Siku and Schuco instead. Schuco are really much scarce comparing to Siku. I had a fruitful day as I counted 30 cars purchased at the flea market when I reach my hotel. I will show you some of my haul in Germany in the next post. Keep watching.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Goodies Old Toys

Finally my weekend arrived after 5 days in Hamburg and I can go to "Goodies Old Toys" to meet Wolfgang. His shop is located in another city or town, Schenefeld, not far from my hotel which is about 15km away. I took a taxi to the shop because I will only collect the rental car 2 days later.

This crate of old toys in the shop window has attracted my attention somehow.

As I enter the shop, I saw a show case filled with little soldiers and cowboys. I hope I am not in the wrong place. Where are the cars? Come on in and here's my little tour in Goodies Old Toys.

I introduced myself to Wolfgang and roam around the shop looking at stuff which might interest me. All cars are displayed in glass cabinet according to brands. I will show you pictures taken some of the cabinets. Enjoy.

Mercedes-Benz by Gama. I have a few Gama but I didn't have any Gama Mercedes yet. I simply love old Benz with a huge grill.

Gama and some mix of Solido

Different models of Volkswagen from Gama

A cabinet full of Corgi models.

Dinky and Thunderbird

Promo car from the 50s & 60s made by Volkswagen according to Wolfgang. They are really nice but they are dear for my budget.

Volkswagen Beetle Promo cars

What attracted me most are the wide selection of old Siku. These lot are mainly from the 80s.

I been looking at this lot the longest as the 60s and 70s Siku are simply charming toys.

Some Siku trucks and tractors. Just when I was admiring at the Siku, Wolfgang called out for me as he had more stuff to show me. He pushed a "bakery" trolley out and it was stacked with layers of toy cars. I think there should 10 or 12 trays full of toy cars. I picked some cars from the trays as these lot were more relevant for me. I found myself some Playart, Conrad, Mini Dinky, Marx etc. Here are some of the lots. I have more pictures but I don't wanna make this post too lengthy.

There are a few trays of Siku and I pick a few pieces from this lot.

Husky lot. Did you realize that Wolfgang has a fetish for 007 Aston Martin DB5? I didn't buy it although I really wanted it. I bought 2 Husky from this lot as well.

I had a Ford Transit already but I don't mind to have another. I am not really into carded piece actually so I have to pass it. Did you spot Batman's ride here?

Husky VW Bettle and Citroen DS Wagon.

Didn't expect to see Tomica here.

There's more! I could spend whole day in this place but Wolfgang need to run for an appointment. 2 hours is simply not enough for me so I will need to see Wolfgang next time I visit Germany. You want to know the damage done to my wallet? I got a box full of toy cars when I left the shop. I don't felt painful to pay for the toy cars as I get what I need but it was painful to pay for the taxi fare. It's a fruitful trip for me and anyone who visit Hamburg should consider to visit Goodies Old Toys in Schenefeld. This is their website if you want to know more about the shop. www.oldtoys.de

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have been in Germany for half a month so that explains why I am not updating my blog. I have took many pictures and I will post them here by instalments due to my work commitment. This shop is not far from my hotel and I walked 2 kilometres (or more) with a German Becker. Struggled my way in the cold without my coat, just my business suit. This should be one of the coldest autumn in Germany. I left my coat at home because they will take up space that are meant for toy cars. Sounds silly? Yes, I second that. Mannertraume - Everything For Big Boys, is an antique shop which sells collectibles like toys, books, sign boards, bikes, cars etc. I didn't see any cars that day except for some bikes.

A model plane hung from the ceiling welcoming customers into the shop. I felt going back 10 years with every step I put forward. Everything in the shop looks fantabulos. I get to see stuff which I never seen before. Here are some examples:

No, it's not a real car. I don't know if it is road worthy in Germany but definitely not in Singapore. It's a miniature BMW 328 fit just for 1. Car has 8ps and a top speed of 65km/h. The price is just one Euro short of 10 grand. It is not only for big boys and for rich boys as well.

1944 Triumph Kurier. The condition sure looks great for something older than my old man and it is from World War II era!

These pedal cars looks like they are from the 1930s through the 50s. I like the one which looks like a Ford Model T. These are for "small" boys I supposed.

How can you miss out this classic Shell pump in the shop? Anything that is "Shell" will worth something. These will be really hard to get them out of the shop if it is sold in Singapore. Who had the space if you are living in a HDB flat? So, again, it's for the rich boys.

Some of you might be kind of anxious now. Where are the toy cars? Ok, this way, follow me.

I took a closer look at one of the cabinet. I saw some "Zikus". This is how Germans pronounced it and I think it is cool. Ziku or Siku, great charm anytime.

Mixtures of some vintage cars and HO scaled ones.

A little corner for Corgi.

I found one lot of Superfast and Lesney but I am here for Siku and Schuco. I bought something after much exploration in the shop. I will be featuring more of my adventures in Germany once I free my time up.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Recent Hauls in Kulua Lumpur

I like to thank an Indonesian friend for helping me to get these 4 cartons of CN series Tomica when we meet up in Kuala Lumpur last week. We do not have these CN series in Singapore so they will be available in my cousin's shop from this week.

I also bought these Tomica from different shops in Kuala Lumpur. I have most of them already but it is still good to keep some extra pieces.

Maisto Electric car, Mycar which I think nobody makes them and a class '51 VW Beetle Cabriolet.

One big lot of loose Hot Wheels and 2 loose Tomica.