Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tomica From Korea

I got some Tomica in Korean packaging recently. The cars are the same but I think it's kind of cool to see Tomica with Korean characters.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hauls in Hamburg - Others

I am not showing all cars I picked in Hamburg because some of them I would like to feature them individually in a single post. Here are some nice ones.
I found these 4 Majorette in a box full of toy cars. All the cars are dumped into the box like junks. There is one collector who is also scavenging in the box doesn't like sellers who to dump toy cars like junk. I told him that if the seller knows the value, we couldn't have bought them at such low price. He was looking for Matchbox and I was looking for anything that interest me. I am lucky that he doesn't like Majorette. These are the early Majorette from the 70s. I was so excited when I found the blue and green Simca. The best find I would say in the flea market.

Another batch of Majorette. The centre 2 vans comes from the same box as the cars above. The TWA bus has more passengers than the original one I used to have. The passengers are painted too which I wonder how did the previous owner did it. The Renault is also one of my favourite here. All parts still intact, just some play wear.

I have been looking for this Conrad W123 as it is almost impossible to get a W123 at this scale (1/66) and it's a wagon! I almost passed this because the price is out of my budget as it comes with a box. Boxed models usually cost more. The box look similar to the Schuco box so I thought there is nothing special about it. It was when Wolfgang pointed out that there is a "Mercedes Benz" marked on the plastic box, I went crazy. I put it right into my shopping cart.

Can you see the "Mercedes Benz"?

I never like Schuco Piccolo until I bought one. It was made by mould injection and it is a heavy little car (1/90). The car looks cartoon but unlike the queerness of Choro Q which is too cute to be true. Overall presentation of this little Alfa is fantastic. I regretted not buying one Piccolo Motorcycle from the antique shop. Maybe I should aim for the Piccolo trucks which I think is really nice too.

There are Tomica as well but not many in Goodies Old Toys as compared to Minicar shops in Tokyo. It's still a good selection though. I picked the MINI since I have a small MINI population in my Tomica collection.

I have to have this Porsche for this price and I do not have this 959 variation yet. I know it's a common colour variant but I do not buy everything Tomica. I do things one at a time rather. It was a good catch and I am happy with this purchase. Stay glued to my blog as I will be updating more before 2011 ends.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hauls in Hamburg - Siku

Older Siku. I like the Opel Rekord Wagon. Nice presentation.

Siku look nice even when they are not mint.

I like yellow especially the ADAC Mercedes.

Got these from Wolfgang. A shame that the Ford Transit got a missing ladder.

A gift from Wolfgang of Goodies Old Toys.

Mercedes Unimog, lots of metal at very low price.

This is a great piece as 60s Siku trucks never fail to charm.

Been hoping to get this and finally I found one in the flea market.

My worst condition Siku but still looks good for display.

Cadillac able to steer its wheels, very interesting car so I must get one from Wolfgang.

I like vintage Mercedes so this is one car in my shopping list. Don't mind to get one whole fleet of this as this is really great presentation of the Pullman. After visiting Goodies Old Toys, I might consider changing my blog to Go! Go! Siku. Old Siku are really great toys and definitely a true collectible.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hauls in Hamburg - Classic English

As promised, I will feature some of my hauls in Hamburg. I will feature the oddities cars one at time in separate postings. These lot of English cars are from the Winter Flohmarkt.
These 3 pieces are clean except that I have to find one horsey for the truck.

Thinking of letting go these as I have a MIB Mini and I don't really fancy the other 2.

You can't find this condition in our flea market for Matchbox.

My favourite pick in the flea market for the Matchbox lot is the regular wheels Rolls.

Corgi Mini Cooper and James Bond Lotus Esprit.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kombie in Miniatur Wunderland

After Winter Flohmarkt, my next program is to re-visit Miniatur Wunderland again. I decide to walk from Hamburg Messe to my next destination. My sense of direction is not really good. I could take a taxi but since my reservation to enter Miniatur Wunderland is at 1430hrs, I have a whopping 2 hours of luxury to walk there. It's only 2.4km but the problem is, I don't know the exact direction but I know it is to walk southwards to the Waterfront. I was cold and hungry and finally found a cafe which open on Sunday.

After having my first meal (of the day) at the cafe, I continued my journey and after 45 minutes, I reached the bridge which I am familiar of. I have been to Hamburg 4 times so basically I have been to different corners of the city. I spend about 1.5 hours (including meal at cafe) strolling to my destination. Not bad based on my gut feel. I felt so proud of myself at that moment.

At the entrance of Miniatur Wunderland (after purchasing of ticket), you will be greeted by thousands of Wiking, Herpa, Schuco etc on sale. I didn't buy any the last time. I saw in departmental stores selling each Wiking or Busch at around 8 to 20 Euro depending on models. I will get some after my trip to mini land as they are priced much lower here.

These Kibri are nice but I will not spend my Euros on these since I don't want to start another hobby.

Miniatur Wunderland has day and night using controls of lighting in the exhibit halls. Did I see a King Kong? Fear not, it's big friendly giant staff fixing on a train.

Here's Kombie, he will start the journey here and will bring you to different parts of Europe and America. I couldn't differentiate where's where as I was busy taking photos for Kombie. This post should be the richest in photo and I will try to keep my sentence short.

Herbie leading the race.

Where is Kombie?

Here he is! Catching up the pack.

One of the best picture taken here.

The trip ends here.

I ended mine with Wurst and Pommes Frites.