Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fun HO! - Rolls Royce Phantom V

Fun HO!, the HO as in HO scale which explains the car is small even it is a Rolls. Fun HO! is made in New Zealand and I think there is a Fun HO! Museum back in its hometown.

Unlike China made toys, toys in the past are safer. No lead!

Fancy any Fun HO! cars? They are quite rare now so just take whatever is available if you happen to see any.

They are quite similar to the Moko Lesney with no interior and HO scale.

Unusual colour for a Rolls. I have seen weirder colours for this car so I am content with red.

Metal base and Made in New Zealand. Is it rare? Definately.


  1. Well... For me it is looks very like the regular wheel MB-44 Matchbox (Lesney) Phantom V.


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