Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kombie & Landy in Singapore

Kombie in front of Merlion and Marina Sands Casino

And Landy who just flown from The Netherlands to Singapore

Landy and his passport which will bring him to all the adventures around the world

Landy will goes to Ohio, USA, on his next adventure.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My eBay Listing - Cherica & Matchbox

I have not been active in eBay for a very long time (as a seller) since I started as one in 1998. I would say I am more of a buyer now as more engaged in work. I will give you the link of the Cherica as stated below. If you are interested any of the 2 cars listed here, do bid generously so that I can buy more Tomica as my collection.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spot the Tomica Contest

I always love car chase or car pile up scene. This is one of my favourite scene although a little too exaggerating. Another of my favourite is the Alarm Für Cobra, a German TV series. The clip shown above is a movie being filmed in Hong Kong which featured quite a number of old Japanese cars. Can you spot the Tomicas in this 1 minute pile up? The fastest entry to submit your entry by 31st December midnight (Singapore Time) will get a Tomica Nissan Juke as a token of appreciation.

Rules & Regulations:

i. Able to spot 5 Correct Tomica per entry. However, the entry with most correct Tomica submitted wins the contest.

ii. Different body variants from Tomica is not accepted. Example 2 doors, 4 doors etc

iii. Based only on regular Tomica, Tomica Limited Vintage not accepted

iv. Specific on car model. Not just Toyota Corolla but Toyota Corolla AE92

v. Contest open to anyone

vi. Late submission not accepted

vii. One entry per person

viii. All entries to submit to bonu@starhub.net.sg

Updated: 14.01.11

Someone did win this contest and he is from USA. Car will be send to you by mail.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Rubbish Edition Tomica for My Birthday (From Pooh)

We have a meet up on my birthday and Pooh Bear asked me if he look like someone as he asked me to take this photo.

This wrapper was used on 16th April (Pooh's birthday) this year. I purchased a Hotwheels Ferrari 430 from my cousin's shop as a birthday present for Pooh but its actually a teaser, not the real present. The real present to Pooh was a Diapet Tadano Crane. Pooh said that he will reused the same wrapper on my birthday (which I actually forgotten about what he said and was tricked too).

This is the present in the wrapper which I thought is a Hotwheels but it's a "blister pack" Tomica with its original box.

We call this a "Rubbish" Edition Tomica 1 pcs made only. This "handmade" edition is meticulously detailed, see the bottom right "001/001" and bottom left Age 3+ above above.

Back of card has the trademark and logo of Pooh Bear. Although this is not the real present but it took a lot of effort to make this. I like it very much and thank you, Pooh. The real present is a Dri-Fit Cap. The wrapper will be reuse on 16th April 2011, time for me to crack my head.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kahlah Enterprise 370Z

I like the Red Bull 370Z at first sight, a pity that you will need to buy a set (of 4) in order to own these cars. A cool variation of 370Z and the price is...., I shall skip this. Just wanted to share these with my blog followers here.

My Cousin's New Shop

Another new place to shop for Tomica, Gifts Greeting branch in Nex Serangoon. A bad place for drivers though due to lack of parking lots, bad design of car park and super long queue before able to drive into the car park.

Monday, December 20, 2010

What I have bought in Hong Kong before Christmas?

13 Tomica Limited Vintage or Neo
Tomica Nissan Racing Set Complete
A dozen of Tomica Limited Toyota 2000GT
Tomica Nissan Juke x26 pcs
Tomica Snowplough Vehicles x3 pcs
Tomica Honda CR-Z x20 pcs
Tomica Nissan March x30 pcs
Tomica Suzuki Alto x11 pcs
Tomica Nissan Serena x30 pcs
40th Anniversary Long Tomica
Some Norev of Renault and Subaru
Tomica 2010-2011 Catalogues courtesy of Ken
Lot of other Tomica
Loose Cars I have got
Found the box for the BMW, R32, Starion in Hong Kong. Found the R32 and R31 in Hong Kong as loose cars. So I match with my loose cars & loose box.
Helping Melvin from Malaysia to buy this. Not cheap for a new Tomica and one car only.
While I was taking these Tomica photos, postman delivered my package of toy cars from Japan. I am sick for the past 3 days so I haven't open this package when I am preparing this posting. I will open it tomorrow.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cars Tomica Should Make (F-Series)

I started collecting Tomica from the F-Series and sometimes I wonder why these cars are not made into a Tomica. It's a hard decision to make especially coming into top 10. Although some of them which features here almost got into production but was axed in the process. Give me your comments or suggestions.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cars Tomica Should Make Part II

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III
This is the missing link for Lancer fans and regret for Tomica I supposed. Tomica has made Lancer Turbo, EVO IV, VII & X. The only maker that made the EVO III is MTECH but it’s in a scale of 1/43.

Figaro (aka Nissan Figaro)
The Figaro has always been my favorite Nissan. It looked like a 1960s car but it’s actually introduced in 1991. Only 20,000 units are made and some units did reach our shores. Although its 1.0 turbo charged but its not a fast car and it has a 3 speed auto transmission. It’s an ideal car to be driven with leisure during weekend. I don’t mind buying one to replace my current ride but its way too rare. Diapet did make the Figaro in the 90s.

Alcyone SVX (aka Subaru SVX)
It’s a very rare Subaru launched in the early 90s. The car most unique feature is the full glass canopy and the styling is very American for a Subaru. The car has a big engine of 3.3 liters considering bigger Subaru are usually 2.0 to 2.5. It is sold as a luxurious sports tourer and strictly a 4 speed automatic. Somehow the car reminds me of a Renault Alpine. There are rumors that Subaru might revive this car but under corporation with Toyota. The end product is said to be the Lexus LFA (Supra Replacement).

Suzuki Swift / Ignis Sport
I personally think that this is one of the nicer Suzuki around for the past decade. My second choice will be the Cultus of the late 80s. How about Kizashi? It’s the first Suzuki mid-size sports saloon. Great car with sporty styling but forgettable. I mean Kizashi will have to fight really well in order to fend off competitions in the battle field. Now back to Ignis. Sold as an Ignis Sport in Singapore and was awarded the most fun car for the least money by many car critics then. The styling of the car is kind of different from other sports hatch. It makes you ponder if it is a sports hatch, mini SUV or a bread van. Closest competitor then was the Daihatsu YRV Turbo which is also featured here.

Toyota MR2 (SW20)
This is not my favorite MR2, my favorite is the AW11 and it has been made by Tomica. I am also considering the Celica of 5th & 6th Generation since Tomica made every generation except these 2 models. Since there is only 1 MR2 model, let’s make another one. Not many cars today are mid-engine, rear wheel drive, seats 2 and available in a non super car price. If I can customize the SW20, I hope Tomica will make a T-bar roof version with retractable pop-up lights.