Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Feb 2022 Purchase

Bought one lot of old Chinese trucks recently. This one looks like a 50s/60s tow truck.

Dongfeng Garbage Truck

Another 50s Crane Truck 

Dongfeng Dumper Truck 

Dongfeng Tow Truck which I might be able to pair with Tomica or Majorette. 

This fire engine comes as a surprise to me. Looks the best among all these trucks. It has a fireman comes with it too. 

Beijing Jeep. Nicely made I have to say. 

Dongfeng Cement Truck. Only one that doesn't have any box.

I bought lots of blind box RMZ cars for my nephew. When he opened up this one, I thought he was holding a Tomica and asked him to pass me this car in exchange for another blind box. 

Mandarin VW Van in ambulance livery.

Bought one lot of junk cars and just kept 2 of them. One of them is a Hongwell Volvo estate.

The other is a Norev Peugeot RCZ.

Wanted to buy this one 12 years ago but seller insist to sell as a set as it has other Fairlady in other colours and livery. I just wanted Redbull version. Managed to get one after all these years. 

Tomica S800 made by Sting for the Hamamatsu 60s Sports Car Club.

I have this one long time ago but the box is not in it's greatest condition and the badge was missing. This is brand new and for a very reasonable price.