Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Maxwell - Matchbox From India

Maxwell produce toy cars in the 1970s and they look like Matchbox regular wheels from far. They were built with low cost material, uneven shut lines and low quality paint. The wheels can't even roll properly. This should be the worst nightmare for kids who bought them. You can use the word "ugly" to describe them but strange enough, there is a certain charm in these toys.

Is this supposed to be a "Jeep" or a "Mahindra"?

Maxwell made Mandarin a better toy in the quality department. Well, both are equally bad but charming.

Setra Coach? I think Maxwell might worth a little more than the Matchbox equivalent.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pirate Tomica continues....

Pirate Tomica continues to other models in the Tomica range. Why are models such as VW Microbus & Daihatsu Midget copied illegally? Simply, profits due to the popularity of these models. Try copying a Morgan or Ford Model T, I think nobody will ever know because simply nobody wants them. Here is the link for other Pirate Tomica Daihatsu Midget:

“็œŸๅ“”means original, “ไปฟๅ“”means copy or pirate, just in case you do not understand Chinese characters. You can translate the website.

The following Tomica are rumoured to be in the making, in fact, eBay HK sellers have been selling them for quite time already. It's sad to know that my Herbie might have a copy. I haven't seen one yet and I hope I will never see one. The Tomica Herbie is a rare variation in the Beetle range. I have 2 at once and sold my spare years ago in eBay.

I am wondering who will really buy these fakes. I am sure collectors will buy them because they will think that it is a real bargain as they do not know of these fakes. This is cheating and as serious Tomica collectors, we don't welcome these pirates. As for new collector who just came into the collecting scene, they wouldn't care even if they know they are fakes because they don't grow up with Tomica, hence no sentimental value to them. I have heard one such new collector told me that he doesn't mind re-issue or revival Tomica because they can't afford the Japan made vintage Tomica. I am sure he will not mind fake ones too.

There are no fakes Minis at the moment but I predict this might be the next pirate project. There are many Mini fans worldwide so anything Mini or Beetle is easy to sell it off. After much discussion, who is the real culprit and produce these Pirates Tomica? Well, it's actually made by a famous collector shop in Hong Kong. He copied the original moulding and the factory in China made these for him. He is currently looking for re-sellers to sell off these pirates. Again, say NO to Pirate Tomica.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Beware! Pirate Tomica Ahead

I should be the last Tomican who know of this. There is a recent outbreak of high precision fake Tomica VW Microbus. They are not re-issue and it is believed that they are actually build from scratch. The box that come with it is also a reproduced copy. You need to have eagle sharp eyes to spot the difference. The fakes are discovered by experience Indonesian Tomica collectors who bought them on auction sites. The easiest way to check if your unit is a replica is to look at the base. The authentic piece has a visible casting line just below the "Made In Japan" stamping while the copy has none.

Injustice is done on collectors who are into vintage Tomica. I hope that this will not spread to other Tomica models which are sought after by collectors such as Toyota Land Cruiser or Mini Cooper. The following link from a Taiwanese collector will explain more:

Note: The above Tomica featured are original pieces from my collection

Sunday, October 16, 2011

In Search of a Monster

I like to share with everyone here I bought online recently which I thought is interesting. I have to admit that I am never interested in any figurines. Never expecting them to be larger than Tomica, I went ahead and click on the purchase button. The main reason I bought this set, to compliment my Tomica as the expressions on the figurines are really funny. Since the figures are larger than Tomica, they are much suitable to be used with 1/24 vehicles.

I like what they said at the back of the card.

It's fun taking photos with these figurines. I only have one monster and it is from the Ultraman series. It is too small if you really want a monster scene. Since these figurines are about 1/24 in scale, we will need a life size monster, anything smaller will be too unreal. Among friends in our group, we do have a friend who smash little cars and has a nickname ending with "zilla".

Go! Go! Enyozilla. It's SMASHING time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fun HO! - Rolls Royce Phantom V

Fun HO!, the HO as in HO scale which explains the car is small even it is a Rolls. Fun HO! is made in New Zealand and I think there is a Fun HO! Museum back in its hometown.

Unlike China made toys, toys in the past are safer. No lead!

Fancy any Fun HO! cars? They are quite rare now so just take whatever is available if you happen to see any.

They are quite similar to the Moko Lesney with no interior and HO scale.

Unusual colour for a Rolls. I have seen weirder colours for this car so I am content with red.

Metal base and Made in New Zealand. Is it rare? Definately.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

SBS and London Bus Lovers

Firstly, I like to thank Paul for letting me have these. Paul is an ex US Navy who used to station in Singapore while the ship is here for repair in 1986. These bus were bought in Singapore and after 25 years, they return to where they used to be sold.

Long Tomica. I always like Routemaster bus.

The price of Long Tomica 25 years ago.

The lot came a Matchbox Superking too.

This is a Playart SBS Bus which looked like a clone to the Matchbox.

Except that the Playart has a opening door.

It is sold as a souvenir in Singapore.

Base of the package has map of Singapore with places of interest.

Playart with a Superking. I never know Londoner Bus look this great too.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Mega Trade

I traded some toy cars with a friend recently. This is the first trade I did and it's a huge one. I counted and it is almost 150 cars in total which Hot Wheels took up three quarters of this big lot. This lot will be put up for sale in the next flea market. All must go expect the following cars which are also found in the box.

Lesney Ford Corsair, Guisval Renault 21 Wagon and Siku VW Passat Wagon

A Moko Lesney! This is something of around half a century.

Vauxhall Victor, this variation should be from 1958 to 1960.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Road Trip To Johore Bahru with YRV & Pooh

I decided to drive into Johore Bahru in my YRV with Pooh finally. It is no big deal for a Singaporean driving into Malaysia but this is actually the 2nd time I drove into JB. First time I did that was exactly 10 years back. Surprised? I know many Singaporeans go JB for their groceries shopping, pump their petrol, massage (Pooh), food, car servicing and activities I do not want to mention. I got my Tom Tom and Pooh who is a frequent JB traveller to be my navigator and vroom I go.

First stop - Breakfast at Restoran Tasixi to have Hong Kong Dim Sum to fill our stomach so that we have energy to hunt around.

My YRV take a nap while we are having our breakfast. Wakie wakie... time to roll to the first hunting ground.

Sorry, I forgot the location but Tom Tom had it recorded for me. I think you guys know which Jusco right?

Tomica, not full range but did grab a few of them.

Some Hotwheels and Matchbox.

Some of the Hotwheels range.

Moving on to the next Jusco. Saw a 70s Datsun Sunny while driving. I used to sit in one driven by my tutor. He will always send me and my brother back home after tution lesson (late 80s, think 1989). It was already considered a junk car then but I think it looks classic today. This car did bring back some memories.

Ok, reach Bukit Indah.

The Tomica there is quite pathetic as it is only displayed in a tiny section. Pooh was looking in and out of the glass case as there is only a few models.

Saw a rare car in Giant Supermarket car park. I didn't know Malaysia imported the Asia Rockstar then.

Lunch Time. Pooh asked for name card but the lady there asked us to take photo instead as their name cards ran out. After that, continue to other hunting spots plus dinner and back to Singapore.

What I had bought. Pooh said that I am crazy buying these. I think I was but as long as I enjoyed myself, it's fine. Next stop, Kuala Lumpur (29th to 30th October).