Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Tomica Memories - Knight Rider

I didn't really watch the Knight Rider series in the 80s but I do know of the car. I didn't know it was named KITT then. I got to know Knight Rider through my cousin when we visited him one afternoon. As per our standard operating procedure, we (including my brother) will check out if he bought any new toy cars as he usually did. His lot of toys usually includes mostly Matchbox, a number of Tomica, some Yatming and a little of other brands.

To our surprise,  we found the basket of toy cars are all full-fledged black. Black cars, trucks and buses. He painted all of them black. I even saw a Matchbox London bus painted black too. I got curious and asked him why? He told me about Knight Rider and he wanted his toy cars to look like KITT. I didn't really know what is Knight Rider then but I thought it was cool that cars are black. Toy cars are usually not painted black then, well, most of it.

The black painted cars got both me and my brother interested and we watched a little of Knight Rider (not full series) as we do not know the exact aired time. Anyway, even if we watch it, we didn't really care about the storyline as we just want to take a look of the car. What we understood about Knight Rider car then, it's black, fast, super, awesome and it talks. We thought that it must be the fastest car on earth.

One day, my grandma brought us to a nearby provision shop and we bought a Chevrolet Camaro each. I don't know if it is a coincidence. Whenever we buy our Tomica in a provision shop, we didn't really pick them ourselves as there wasn't many choices comparing to a toy shop. The provision shop was closed for years and was demolished, new apartments are standing tall where the shop locate then.

We were very glad to buy the 2 Camaros although we didn't pick it ourselves. I was very excited because it look like a Knight Rider car in blue. I need to make it look like a Knight Rider so we brought our Camaros to our cousin and request him to paint it black for us. Seriously, I think that it was a dumb thing to do that to this blue Camaro now but that's what kids do during childhood.

We collected the black Camaros from him some time later. Although it was not professionally painted, we were very happy that we had a Knight Rider car. The car was actually painted with black marker.