Sunday, December 4, 2016

Australia Rockhampton 2016

Was away from 22nd October to 5th November as I had to serve my reservist. I was tight up with personal work life till recently. I am more tan which I was told when I am back home. Everything in Australia is nice even the army food. See above example. Did enjoyed my ICT and in fact, it will be the last and final one.

The R&R was same as last year. No surprises for us but still I enjoy the company of my fellow reservist friends.

We went to have a dinner in a nearby restaurant around our hotel. Saw this 70s Australian Ford Falcon. Nice isn't it?

We had steaks, oysters and lambs for dinner. After dinner, I actually bought some wines back to continue our drinking sessions.

I didn't see this Camry before in Singapore.

We don't have the Supra in Singapore either.

We walked all the way to Toyworld to shop for toys. I bought nothing. My friends bought some toys for their kids.

Queensland is so hot that having an ice-cream is really a treat.

This should be the largest Back to the Future vehicle I ever seen, I reckon it is 1/6 approximate. I don't think I will be back to Australia any sooner. Who knows, maybe vacation next time.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Japan October International Gathering

October was a busy month for me as it was a traveling month. First day we landed in Tokyo and meet up our regular Japanese collector friends. These 3 gentlemen are the admin for Tomica Town Neighbourhood facebook group. We had dinner together as usual. Great discussion on our life and hobby we all shared.

This is my "brother" from Japan. We will always try to catch up with each other if I visit Tokyo.

We didn't just stop after dinner. We went to a cafe when Iijima San show us a portion of what he will be selling at the fair next week.

Ok, we bought some from him too for sure. Our objective is to buy Tomica in Japan.

Our ride for this trip is a Honda Shuttle. I choose this for the price and practicality. I kind of like the looks of the car too although I didn't really like the style of the Fit, Grace or Mobilio.

Look! This is what I meant by practical. 4 of us with tons of luggage. I will take this car again next year. Planning another trip soon. This trip is a little special as I am going to places where I have never been before. This is also first time driving to other Prefectures. Really long journey.

Meanwhile in another prefecture faraway. Finally, I get to see the legendary Dome-Zero in its signature colour, Silver.

There is a red one as well. Cool.

This is just a small portion of Tomica in the shop. Cool shop as first time visiting here.

Beside my car, there is a dead stock Silvia S15. It looks stock to me, Japanese people don't really mob their cars crazy like us. I saw many Skyline and Type R are stock to the rims as well. I love stock cars. Hate aftermarket sports rims.

We are going so many places on day 1 that I lost count.

Covered few hundred kilos on day 1. We had our dinner at 11pm in a Chinese restaurant. We were the only customers and the restaurant owner and staff chat us up. They are curious why the 4 of us are travelling together as we came from 3 different countries. We drove back to our hotel which is more than a hundred kilos away. We reached hotel at 3am, I slept at 4am. Driving from 9am till next day 3am with many stop overs. It was tired but we had a lot of fun.
Driving to the toy car event the next day. Only 3 hours of sleep

Upon reaching, Pooh said that he wanted to take photo with this "vintage" van. Ok, it's old for any standard.

Then we found this little Honda Pick-up.

We spoke to the owner and he told us it has a small motorcycle engine of 360cc. This little truck was made in the early 70s.

Classic Toyota Mark II and a Hakosuka Skyline. Ok, and a small Mitsubishi, Ek wagon?

The first Skyline which wear the Nissan badge. 

Toyota Mark II or the Cressida Coupe.

 Me and Larry at the fair. Bought a lot, spent a lot.

 There are around 50 stalls here. Lots of stuff and we are happy with our shopping.

We decided that we had enough. We will leave the fair and continue our drive hunting.

Next day, we drove back to Tokyo. On our way, we went to 5 or 6 different shops to hunt for toys or Tomica.  

Many Tomica hanging on the pegs waiting for us.

We are done for the day. Pump the car up, get ready to return the vehicle before going for our late dinner. In 3 days, we traveled 961km. I am going to beat that on next trip I hope. 

Larry said that Ichiran Ramen is good so we had it near our hotel. The rest of the days, we spent in Tokyo for our usual hunting. See you next year Japan.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

2nd Hong Kong Toy Festival (14th to 18th July 2016)

My first meal in Hong Kong with Ken and Larry. This time we are attending the 2nd Hong Kong Toy Festival. I have a few friends who had a booth in this event this year. Ken-Box, Ken's Garage, Minicar Shop, Daboxtoys and Wayne as an individual collector will have stalls at the event. This should be an good excuse to attend this event for the first time and I can meet friends at the same time.

After our lunch, we head on to Eastern Toy Shop.

I understand no photography but sorry, I just have to do it.

They sell all brands of toy cars like Tomica, Siku, Majorette, Matchbox, Hot Wheels etc.

While heading to a friend's shop in Lai Chi Kok, I saw this old hobby shop and decided to stop by to have a look.

They sell model kits and they have some dead stock of Matchbox as well.

Some new Tomica on sale here too.

Finally reached Dream Toys in Pacifica Mall. Dream Toys is owned by Monica and her hubby, Roger. Her shop has many children because they are selling all assortment of toys but they do carry quite a handful of Tomica.

Close up on their shop front show case.

Different assortment of Tomica from domestic black box to event or special models.

Their show case inside the shop.

This is Monica and Roger.

Saw a matt military olive green GTR in Pacifica Mall car park.

Heading to Ken's Garage new shop as he shifted just recently.

His shop shifted to Cheong Wah Factory Building now.

Level 4 unit 408

This should be the largest Tomica box.

His new shop is slightly smaller but he will bring out all his Tomica to show you.

His little workshop in his shop.

Headed to Kowloon Bay in the evening for preparation of the Toy Festival with Ken.

For little fans to take photo during the event.

Event organized by Mani Toys so naturally they took up half a hall.

Daboxtoys preparing for the event tomorrow.

Here is Ken-Box in the middle of preparation.

Mani Toys had rows of shelves filled with Tomica.

Everyone working hard for the big day tomorrow.

1/18 EG6 which was released some time ago.

This is what they are going to release this October. They made 100 samples but this will not be the final according to the boss. They are going to make the wheels a little smaller to make it more proportional.

Another friend's stall. Mainly all Tomica.

 Ghostbusters have a booth too.

City under construction.

The city looks as if an Tomica earthquake hits it.

I hope to bring the pair home. They are guarding the entrance for Mani.

Large Tomica "box" but it's not really a real box.

Tiny Toys' booth. I finally know who the boss is now. I communicated with him more than 10 years ago. I bet he forgotten who I am now. They have this ice-cream scooter to distribute ice-cream to visitors during the toy festival.

Their display is awesome.

Reminds me of Tomica prototype but this is Tiny.

Last photo of event's stage before heading back to hotel.

Next day on 1st day of event. Non stop crowd to our booth at Ken-Box.

We are all busy at the custom Tomica counter as the public rushes to buy custom models.

We went to hall 2 where Wayne is. Hall 2 is equally crowded. I did not explore the toy festival much. I am kind of like having a friend gathering this trip. Attended a few lunches and dinners.

Went shopping for Tomica with friends.

I have not been shopping in Hong Kong for quite some time. There are shops selling Tomica almost everywhere.

This is similar to our China Square but it is 3 times bigger but 3 times smaller than Nakano.

There are around 2 or 3 shops specialize in Tomica or toy cars while the rest of the shops selling figurines or vintage toys. It's an eye opener just to window shop.

I had Japanese food for consecutive 2 nights in Hong Kong. This dinner is with my big brother in Hong Kong. He collects toy cars as well so we have lots of topic to talk.
When we are going to an Prada outlet, I discovered a small shop selling Tomica.

I urge all collectors to go to Hong Kong instead, you can stop going Japan. I find Japan too crowded these days whenever I am there. So, please visit Hong Kong for Tomica. Thank you.