Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yonezawa Diapet

I just bought one lot of Yonezawa Diapet recently. Not revealing how much I spend but these 5 Diapet should worth minimum 60 Current Tomica or 100 Hotwheels (based on retail price in Singapore) gauging on the collector market. Friends do ask me if I am willing to take 100 Hotwheels in exchange for these 5, my reply? "I wouldn't even consider even you give me 1000 pieces". The reason is simple. You can get Hotwheels almost anywhere but not Diapets. I can buy 1000 pieces of Hotwheels anytime but I can't buy 10 pieces of Diapet at one time. I mean how? The current Diapet are not being distributed here not to mention rarity of the old ones, not if you go Japan to buy them.
Being a Tomica collector, I am kind of ashamed to say that I have more Diapet than Dandy. Yonezawa Diapet came into the scene in 1965 while Tomica Dandy is 7 years late in 1972. I have yet to own a 60s Diapet as they are too expensive to buy, besides, I like the 70s Japanese cars better. If you like Japanese cars in Dinky scale, I would recommend Diapet rather than Dandy. Diapet actually produce more cars (Japanese or Foreign cars) as compared to Dandy and many models are much interesting compared to Dandy. Okay, I do understand that Dandy is a sub-line of Tomica. It's equivalent of Cherica being produced to give Tomica a run for the money (but failed). Perhaps I will do a comparo between Diapet and Dandy one day.

Diapet Standard Clear Window Box

One side showing dimensions of the car

This is how a 70s Diapet packaging looks like. The car is wrapped around with a piece of sponge material protecting the car. It does surprise me that the spongy material still look new or intact after all these 30 to 40 years. If you have the Schuco Modell (1:66), you will understand what I mean. Some of my Schuco "sponge" does disintegrate as there are bits and pieces which I just thrown the little fragments away keeping just the car and display box.

Isuzu Gemini 1800

Bonnet, boot and doors open. All Diapet front seats able to incline. This Isuzu has a sunroof that opens.

Toyota Carina 1600SR Coupe

Bonnet, boot, doors does what they should do.

Mazda Cosmo Coupe

Engine compartment, trunk, doors able to open.

Mitsubishi Galant Sigma 2000

All opens except rear doors. Press suspension of front wheels to push lever up allowing some assistance for bonnet to open.

Toyota Century

I just can't lift the bonnet up. Too new and got stuck? Rear doors open too. This car is the heaviest of the lot here.

It will be last session of May flea market tomorrow till another months later. I will put these 5 up in my showcase to spice things up. I will let them go to a good collector if the price is right.

Monday, May 23, 2011

F29-1-17 Volkswagen Microbus

Wow!!! Kombie found a "home" finally. Kombie has been going round the world with me since August 2010 staring from Hong Kong to recent Athens, Greece. I always wanted to get Kombie a box but it's not easy.

I like to thank a friend for letting go Kombie to me last year. It was his childhood toy but he doesn't like vans. I wanted to collect all my childhood Tomica or toys that I had once. We had a green Microbus when we are young. Although it's not my toy (it belong to my brother) but I like it very much then and I guess it was thrown together with a bag of toys which most parents will usually do. The original Kombie we had was gone somewhere in the 80s. I am thinking of retiring Kombie to avoid it getting lost in a foreign land.

96-2-4 Datsun 620 Pickup

Car did have some minor nicks but not serious.

Car arrived 18th May 2011 and box just gotten it April 2011. Quick match! It will be on sale in this coming flea market. Last chance to grab it as coming Sunday will be last one till maybe September.

F2-1-11 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

Car has got some car wax stains, not done by me but previous owner. Could be remove by toothbrush but a little lazy now.

Got this car few years back, box arrived on 18th May 2011. Not selling this as this has been one of my favourite model although I have 4 or 5 pieces already.

63-1-3 Furukawa Wheel Loader FL140

I just realised that there's an spelling error on the box.

Vehicle was found somewhere last year. Box arrived 18th May 2011. This item will be sold in the flea market.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TOMY Car Transporters

I love transporters and enjoy watching cars being transported in them. I also enjoy watching cars being transported by Ro-Ro but I don't think any toy maker will make them due to the size. Maybe with exception of Tomica and Matchbox which made Ferry boat transporting people and cars to outer islands from the main land. I shall review some transporters made by Tomy.

Tomica Dandy Hino Tractor
Scale: 1/60
Length: 10 inches / 256mm
Made in Japan
Diecast Metal with plastic

Able to push car from lower deck out from transporter

Loading cars to upper deck

Total cars able to hold: 5

Tomica Isuzu Car Carrier

Scale: Unknown, Approx. 1/60

Length: 9.25 inches / 235mm

Made in Japan

Battery Operated

Plastic Toy Truck

Movable part on top deck for allowance purpose

On/Off Switch on right side of truck

Truck uses 2 AA size batteries and I just realised that it can function with just one AA size battery

Loading cars onto the upper deck

Cars fully loaded now and ready to go

Total cars able to hold: 5

TOMY Auto Transport

Scale: Unknown

Length: 17.25 inches / 440mm

Made in Singapore

Battery Operated

Plastic Toy Truck

TOMY did have factory in Singapore in the 80s. I do have some other toys made in Singapore.

This truck is fun and it operated like a remote control toy but not so "remote" as you have to "tag-along" with the truck to control it.

Lift the catch to release the prime mover

Loaded 8 cars in upper deck, so how many cars can it hold?

Load some more cars in the lower deck

Total cars able to hold: 14

Thursday, May 12, 2011

24-4-15 Toyota MR-2

Car came early 2011 from Japan and box came 1st week of May 2011 from South Korea. Box has a Korean distributor label.

This variation is a 4 spoke wheel and long exhaust pipe type.

Good new for all followers here is, I will be putting this up in my flea market. Mixed feeling as I am hoping that there is no sale. I have the earlier variant 5 spoke wheels and short exhaust so gonna share this with others who appreciate this car.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pooh in Koon Kee

Last month was our Pooh's birthday and we went to a restaurant, Koon Kee, to have a little gathering. The restaurant is owned by a VW enthusiastic fan who does restoration of the Beetle. I also saw that he has a VW Micro Bus and an old Porsche 911 in front of the restaurant.

Koon Kee is filled with old and antique stuff we do not see today. Most items on display are related to VW, Porsche or Vespa. There are also some toy cars too. According to Ah Hai (the restaurant owner), you can buy anything in the shop as long as the price is right.

Some old photos and advertising posters on display in Koon Kee.

Pooh is the busiest person on that day. He was everywhere in the restaurant checking on every corner.

Remember this wrapper? If not, please refer back to my posting in December last year.
Step 1: Look for the opening on the present.
Step 2: Rip the wrapper off and anxiously look at the prize.
Step 3: Pose for the camera and smile.
Step 4: Faint after knowing it is chocolate instead of honey.