Sunday, October 16, 2011

In Search of a Monster

I like to share with everyone here I bought online recently which I thought is interesting. I have to admit that I am never interested in any figurines. Never expecting them to be larger than Tomica, I went ahead and click on the purchase button. The main reason I bought this set, to compliment my Tomica as the expressions on the figurines are really funny. Since the figures are larger than Tomica, they are much suitable to be used with 1/24 vehicles.

I like what they said at the back of the card.

It's fun taking photos with these figurines. I only have one monster and it is from the Ultraman series. It is too small if you really want a monster scene. Since these figurines are about 1/24 in scale, we will need a life size monster, anything smaller will be too unreal. Among friends in our group, we do have a friend who smash little cars and has a nickname ending with "zilla".

Go! Go! Enyozilla. It's SMASHING time.

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