Sunday, October 9, 2022

Aug 2022 Purchase

Majorette 600 series Gulf Tanker Truck

Majorette Mercedes Mobil Tanker Truck

Sakaru Nissan Cedric 

Rei Toyota Celica, Made in Brazil

Majorette Saab 900, seldom see it in black as most are green or silver.


Saturday, August 27, 2022

July 2022 Purchase

HTI Mini Cooper

HTI Mercedes Benz SL

HTI Mercedes Benz E Class Sedan

HTI Mercedes Benz M Class

HTI BMW 3 Series


Bought some HTI brand toy cars in July.  They are a UK company but cars are made in China. You can remove the base easily as they are hold up together with screws. I had fun matching with Tomica wheels and throw in some passengers in the cabin. Quality not great but you can have fun customizing them to your liking. 


Monday, July 25, 2022

June 2022 Purchase

I didn't buy much in the month of June. Just a pair of Conrad W123 wagon.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

May 2022 Purchase

Maisto Motor Works series completed at one go. 

Maisto Road & Track with Honda Civic and Toyota Celica.

 Something I wanted to buy for a long time. Diapet Cherica Toyota Century. Had most of the Cherica cars except this one. 

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Apr 2022 Purchase

Drygun from the Neros Army in the 1987 Choujinki Metalder series. This is based on a Mitsubishi Pajero and the set is complete and in very good condition.

Metal Charger also in the Choujinki Metalder series. This is based on a 80s Mazda Familia aka Mazda 323. Car is loose but still in great condition.
After transformation. Reminds me of the 1985 M.A.S.K. series. Doesn't look out of place even if display with Thunderhawk, Raven or even Manta. 

Pioneer toy cars that are marketed as Maruka in Japan. I am not sure if Pioneer still produces toy cars today. Looks interesting to me and I bought them since they are not too dear for my wallet. 

Poliguri Mercedes Benz W124 Green with Black roof. I have a few Poliguri W124 but besides Matchbox who made them in the 80s, I couldn't think of anyone who made this model (maybe Siku). The box are all in poor condition but car is still intact. 

From the same seller and this one is a yellow version. 

This is also another nice model made by Poliguri, the Peugeot 405 Rally. I might do some polishing when I have more time as the car has some stains on it. The casting looks suspiciously borrowed from Majorette and the wheels are Siku inspired. 

Diapet, a brand that I will not miss when I visit Japan for toy car hunting. Their bread and butter series are Dandy sized and the selection of vehicles is definitely much more generous than Dandy. This Toyota 2000GT looks totally fresh from factory. 

Tomica Toyota Crown. I bought this from my collector friend in Hong Kong and was told that this piece is a dead stock. That explains why the car and box are so new.


Tomica Mitsubishi Pajero. I bought this from my collector friend in Japan. Surprisingly looks totally new as well.

Tomica Nissan Bluebird wagon. I know that I have this in my collection but I am buying more for the box than the car. 

That's all folks. Didn't buy much these days. Trying hard to buy more in May. 


Sunday, April 10, 2022

Mar 2022 Purchase

I walked past a very old mall near my estate and saw a shop (quite unsure of their core business) with toys. I spotted some toy car sets made by Pioneer, a diecast company in Hong Kong, which was already discontinued for years. I bought them without much hesitation although their asking price might be a few dollars more than the retail years ago. Some of their cars featured above are copy casting of Tomica which are in my collection range. Although not a real livery of racing cars, the Evo I, Supra, GTR and the Celica do look interesting enough for me. Although they don't have any licence from the car manufacturers but you are still able to make out what individual cars are replicating from. 

Some of the Pioneer are repackaged as Maruka. I was surprised that I am able to get Maruka packaging in Singapore as well. Although not a fan of construction vehicles but how often do you come across another Pioneer today. That dump truck do looks nice really.

I wonder if anyone has heard of MSZ? A diecast brand from China and they are licensed. This VW Amarok do look very much like a Majorette.

They do make Maserati Ghibli too in a few colours. It's quite unusual to see these cars made into Majorette scale. Why I say Majorette because they reminds me of them in size. 

I bought this US Jeep just because Mandarin has the same exact packaging like this. I still do not know who made this. No maker indicated on its base. 

I had a few Singapore patrol VW Beetle so just to get a Japanese one. Don't think I will complete the whole series as it's never ending. 

A Tomica Prototype Yveltal Wing Formula Pokemon racing car, a gift from my friend as he knows that I started collecting all these "weird" stuff which I couldn't find in retail.

Kia Potentia made by Kingstar in Korea. Guess what is this car based on? A Mazda Luce aka as a Mazda 929. Kia has a long history with Mazda starting from the 70s with the Familia (323 or the "3" today) rebadging as a Kia Brisa. Capella (626) was rebadge as the Capitol. The Mazda 121 was also rebadged as a Kia Pride (sold in Singapore as the Ford Festival). 

A Mach Baron made by Popy. I think this was way before I was born. The car has many missing parts and a junk piece but I just bought it since it's reasonably priced and unusual. Car based on a TV series and the donor car was a Fairlady. Interesting enough for me. 

A friend offered me a deal on this Conrad. These are high on my hunt list so it's a deal I couldn't resist. To get a W123 in this scale is so hard. Only West Germany then made the W123. Companies I can think of are Conrad and Schuco. I don't want to mention current day Matchbox as they are a far cry comparing to this. 

A friend asked another friend of mine to pass me these cars as he knows that I do love Jaguar because I used to have a X-Type (in fact 2 X-Type). Okay, I do understand that these are not X-Type but I do love S-Type or XJ as well. To find a X-Type in this scale is impossible. The closest one I had was by High Speed but it's actually a 1/72. The above example is made by Siku.

This is made by Realtoy which is hard to find today.  Realtoy used to be in abundance in Toy 'R Us but in recent years, they are almost extinct. 

Welly do made very nice livery of the S-Type. I have a few already but I just keep buying if I found more since they are not expensive to buy.

High Speed ended business years ago so it is very hard to find one of these. Simply love this one. 

That's all folks. Watch out for my April purchase. Seriously I do not know what I am buying every month. Sometimes I do surprised myself.


Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Feb 2022 Purchase

Bought one lot of old Chinese trucks recently. This one looks like a 50s/60s tow truck.

Dongfeng Garbage Truck

Another 50s Crane Truck 

Dongfeng Dumper Truck 

Dongfeng Tow Truck which I might be able to pair with Tomica or Majorette. 

This fire engine comes as a surprise to me. Looks the best among all these trucks. It has a fireman comes with it too. 

Beijing Jeep. Nicely made I have to say. 

Dongfeng Cement Truck. Only one that doesn't have any box.

I bought lots of blind box RMZ cars for my nephew. When he opened up this one, I thought he was holding a Tomica and asked him to pass me this car in exchange for another blind box. 

Mandarin VW Van in ambulance livery.

Bought one lot of junk cars and just kept 2 of them. One of them is a Hongwell Volvo estate.

The other is a Norev Peugeot RCZ.

Wanted to buy this one 12 years ago but seller insist to sell as a set as it has other Fairlady in other colours and livery. I just wanted Redbull version. Managed to get one after all these years. 

Tomica S800 made by Sting for the Hamamatsu 60s Sports Car Club.

I have this one long time ago but the box is not in it's greatest condition and the badge was missing. This is brand new and for a very reasonable price.