Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yujin Tomica Upgraded

I hope my title did not confuse you but the latest incarnation of Tomica (Feburary) did (to me). I quite agree with Tomica to down size their cars as Tomica in the past 20 years did put on some weight. They almost close in to Siku size for some of their models at one time, nobody really mind because people see it as "value for money" (VFM).

The designers in Takara-Tomy must have let their imaginations run wild with the Toyota Prius Alpha. Thinking that they could merge Yujin and regular Tomica just like Honda did it with Prelude and Integra. I describe it as a Yujin because the scale went outrageously down to 1/71. To rub salt to the wound, the rear window has no additional piece of plastic. No prizes for the correct answer, it's paint-over-metal again.

I try putting the Tomica alongside with a random Siku. The Siku intimidate the little Tomica with its sheer size.

Next, I park it with its little brother, the Toyota Vitz. The Vitz dwarf the Prius and could owned it anytime.

I paired it with a Herpa and they look really compatible. Don't you think so? You might be asking why didn't I pair it with a Yujin? Honestly, I don't have any and this Prius Alpha will be my first "Yujin".


  1. From the looks of these Tomica models, reckon they are losing more features of a traditional Tomica? I miss them having plastic windows. Did you even see the Toyota Avensis? It also had 3 windows made with metal and an even smaller scale (not appropriate for me, and not to mention, smaller than Real-X)than the Prius alpha!

  2. hello, i was wondering where did you buy the toyota vitz/yaris from? and if you colud give me a link... thanks