Thursday, August 17, 2017

Japan 2017 - June

Back to Tokyo once again.

This time putting up in Hyatt Shinjuku

Room is consider huge by Japanese standard

Saw a real life Tomica Hato Bus on the street

A mini car shop boss shared his collection with me. This is extremely rare 1/50 Diapet Fairlady. I never seen this before so I took a photo of it.

Meeting up my gang as usual. They are all the moderators from another group in Japan. Sorry, one of my friend doesn't like being in the lime light.

One member share with us his detailing and custom on Tomica cars.

Our trip is accompanied by a Honda N Box.

The car has compact dimensions but the space in it is enormous.

Our friend also come to pick us up in a Crown to bring us to a toy museum. We went there some time ago and we are revisiting again this trip.

Amazing right? There are about 20,000 Tomica not to mention other makes of toy cars.

Saw a Midget for the first time when we went to a mini car shop. That's all folks. Hoping to visit Japan soon.