Monday, October 17, 2011

Beware! Pirate Tomica Ahead

I should be the last Tomican who know of this. There is a recent outbreak of high precision fake Tomica VW Microbus. They are not re-issue and it is believed that they are actually build from scratch. The box that come with it is also a reproduced copy. You need to have eagle sharp eyes to spot the difference. The fakes are discovered by experience Indonesian Tomica collectors who bought them on auction sites. The easiest way to check if your unit is a replica is to look at the base. The authentic piece has a visible casting line just below the "Made In Japan" stamping while the copy has none.

Injustice is done on collectors who are into vintage Tomica. I hope that this will not spread to other Tomica models which are sought after by collectors such as Toyota Land Cruiser or Mini Cooper. The following link from a Taiwanese collector will explain more:

Note: The above Tomica featured are original pieces from my collection


  1. "Tomican"... I love that word!

    Well, I am not surprised somehow. If something gets valuable enough, it will be faked.

    I am also in the 8-bit computers hobby and an Italian guy started to fake and sell ultra-rare service cartridges for Sinclair ZX Spectrum on eBay. He gets suspicius, because he sold too many of those, which is very hard to explain, because Sinclair Research sold those service ROM cartridges to authorised service centers only. Luckily somebody dissasembled one of the modules he sold and discovered brand new parts, dated to the last few years...

  2. Thanks for the info bro,
    oh dear, recently won a few of the bus through ebay, will need to check on them when it arrives.
    Hope everythings genuine.
    I myself have got a few fakes so called prototype or diff colors beetle which i found out was a really bad respray with fingerprint on it.
    Guess we have to be really really careful.. sigh.

  3. Just received the items and after a quick comparison with my collections, sad to confirm the recently won F29 I got from ebay are fakes, its exactly as whats describe on your link... sigh.. will try to return the items and get a full refund..

  4. good to know .So so good for my collection .Will check before purchasing now on.Thanks for the info.