Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Loose Tomica

I was tidying my room yesterday and surprised to find that my loose Tomica (Japan Made) population is increasing day by day. So I gather some of them to take a "group photo".

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Launch of Go! Go! Web Shop

Launch of this Go! Go! Web Shop today.


This webshop is still quite "raw" so please bear with me. Reasons for this webshop not to make profit but to share with collectors and to make new friends of the same interest.

More Tomica coming soon including as I will try to introduce new Tomica for collectors who wanted them early (if I am able to get them early).

More to come, so please do come in often.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tomica 2010 Jan

This is first ever Bentley Tomica has made so it's a must have for me. Tomica made the sister car Rolls Royce Phantom VI (regular and Dandy) in the past and it is a really nice effort. This Bentley looks good too especially the front grill that looks really Bentley. I am always excited whenever Tomica made a foreign car but the actual product is always a little disappointment (in my opinion, look at the Smart Fortwo). I do seriously hope that they consider to revive the F-Series as I think there are many nice foreign cars in the market today. In my opinion, this should be better buy than Matchbox Bentley in terms of quality. Hope I am right when I see this Bentley next year.
I do hope Tomica can release new casting than to based on the existing. I will still buy this since this will be a hot item too and it looks hot. Nevertheless, it is nothing exciting for me to look forward to it compared to the Bentley.

Pictures taken from TakaraTomy website:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tomica Ford Model T

Saw this Vintage Ford Model T in HK.

Yes, it's a Ford.

Vintage Tomica Ford Model T
There are also other variations of Ford Model T, a sedan with roof and a panel van with advertisement. Will post photos upon request of followers of my blog.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tomica Rallycar Collection

This set is total sold out in HK. Managed to get only this WRX. I actually wanted the EVO, not that I am an EVO fan but this is the only Tomica EVO that has a button wheel. Tomica has never produced a Lancer or EVO that c/w button wheel since the 70s except for this series (EVO X Rally) and the keychain series of the EVO IV.

Hong Kong (November)

Special request from Pooh. Taking pictures on each individual sections so that he can choose what he like on my next trip to Hong Kong.

This time consider biggest haul among my HK trip. I could buy more if I have more space.

Toy's Dream Project

One make Racing set (4 sets)

Hasemi Masahiro Racing Skyline Collection

50th Anniversary Skyline Set
See my earlier post on Skyline History

Earlier Toy's Dream Project

Tokyo Auto Salon

Wind-up Car Wash Set from year 2000

Bulldozer comes with a Tomica mat

Tomica Limited Toyota Soarer Patrol

Coca-Cola Trucks!!!!!!!

F-Series Neoplan Bus Skyliner

Discontinued Tomica Lot 1

Discontinued Tomica Lot 2

New Tomica Lot
Suzuki Lapin is made in Vietnam and it comes with a big decal

Tomica Limited Vintage Lot

Most of these items are for sale. To get them, please look for Anthony of Gift Greeting which is located in Great World City (Singapore).