Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Lesser Tomica

Tomica like Matchbox, had many copies during their peak during the 70s and 80s. Toy cars was still a luxury to kids in developing countries like Singapore. For parents who can afford only cheaper toys can only turn to makers from Hong Kong. Japan together with Hong Kong was the largest toy manufacture back in those heyday. China was hardly in the picture yet until the mid 80s as some of the Matchbox started to manufacture there. I bought some toy cars recently and like to share with you guys on some of those which I had when I was younger.

I had one of these Chevrolet Chevette and it could have been bought by myself. This is made by Welly in Hong Kong and they cost only $1.00 then which were much cheaper than a Tomica at $2.40. It could be from the mama-shop near my home. This is one of my favorite car then because it's a hatchback (love hatchback since a kid). I always thought that it was a Toyota Starlet KP61 until I saw the base. I was still thinking if there is any mistake. I have never seen a Chevrolet then but I do know that American cars are huge and not compact like this one.

Another nice example from Welly, a Lamborghini Countach LP500. I am not sure if I had this one. It looks suspiciously similar to a Tomica. The main different that I can spot is the extra pillar on the side window. I will do a comparison in my next post hopefully.

Welly BMW 3.5CSL, another example of a Tomica knock-off. I had the one on the right and I always thought that it's a Tomica. Have you notice that Welly had either 4 spoke button wheels or dish wheels just like most Tomica? Unfortunately, they don't run as smooth as a Tomica.

Welly Cadillac Seville, I just need a Seville casting of a Tomica copy.

Welly VW Beetle Cabriolet, a much cheaper VW with low rent material.

Welly Porsche 935 Racing, looks Martini but maybe they couldn't get any licensing as "Martini" accents are not found.

Welly Nissan Fairlady 280Z, finally a Japanese car among my Welly.

Welly Lotus Esprit without the pop-up headlights. The only difference spotted from other Welly, it is made in China rather than Hong Hong.

Some says that they are known as CF and some says it's a Faie. The Porsche 930 is the hardest to hunt amongst the 6 models in the whole range. This is one of the must have in my list.

The blister pack says that it's a Dickie. It might be marketed as a Dickie in Europe then. It looks like a Yatming knock off but it could be a Welly too since they have similar wheels. I had one when I was young but I had no idea what was it. I am glad that I got it back again after almost 30 years. It's fun to hunt down childhood toys.