Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Road Trip To Johore Bahru with YRV & Pooh

I decided to drive into Johore Bahru in my YRV with Pooh finally. It is no big deal for a Singaporean driving into Malaysia but this is actually the 2nd time I drove into JB. First time I did that was exactly 10 years back. Surprised? I know many Singaporeans go JB for their groceries shopping, pump their petrol, massage (Pooh), food, car servicing and activities I do not want to mention. I got my Tom Tom and Pooh who is a frequent JB traveller to be my navigator and vroom I go.

First stop - Breakfast at Restoran Tasixi to have Hong Kong Dim Sum to fill our stomach so that we have energy to hunt around.

My YRV take a nap while we are having our breakfast. Wakie wakie... time to roll to the first hunting ground.

Sorry, I forgot the location but Tom Tom had it recorded for me. I think you guys know which Jusco right?

Tomica, not full range but did grab a few of them.

Some Hotwheels and Matchbox.

Some of the Hotwheels range.

Moving on to the next Jusco. Saw a 70s Datsun Sunny while driving. I used to sit in one driven by my tutor. He will always send me and my brother back home after tution lesson (late 80s, think 1989). It was already considered a junk car then but I think it looks classic today. This car did bring back some memories.

Ok, reach Bukit Indah.

The Tomica there is quite pathetic as it is only displayed in a tiny section. Pooh was looking in and out of the glass case as there is only a few models.

Saw a rare car in Giant Supermarket car park. I didn't know Malaysia imported the Asia Rockstar then.

Lunch Time. Pooh asked for name card but the lady there asked us to take photo instead as their name cards ran out. After that, continue to other hunting spots plus dinner and back to Singapore.

What I had bought. Pooh said that I am crazy buying these. I think I was but as long as I enjoyed myself, it's fine. Next stop, Kuala Lumpur (29th to 30th October).

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