Monday, February 14, 2011

15-3-1 Nissan Fairlady 280Z-T

Matching loose Tomica and empty box has become a hobby for me. From 2011 onwards, I will be recording the number of matches I have done for my collection.

Empty Tomica box arrives on 14th Feb 2011

Had the loose Fairladies some years ago

I have to choose one of the Fairladies to match its new home. The yellow car was eventually chosen since it is the first issued colour and it matches the box perfectly. The blue car will have to hang on for the next available box. A perfect match for Fairlady on Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Special Sales Feb 2011

It's a long absence on my monthly sales. I've been receiving enquires every month on my sales but most cars in my previous sales post are sold.

I will offer FREE SHIPPING for the following countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and The Philippines. Free shipping is only valid for total purchase US$50.00 and above. Rest of the world will get 5% off if total purchase above US$50.00. Discount not valid for countries entitled for free shipping. Please note that free shipping only valid for cars and does not include any TOWN SET. Town setting will be US5.00 for free shipping region and US$12.00 elsewhere.

This offer is valid till 28th Feb 2011. Prices are subject to change after the offer date as I am trying to give you my best price to clear for space.

Tokyo Auto Salon Cars at US$15.00 each

Tomica Itoh Series Black MPV: US$10.00 each

Tomica Buses: All buses at US$18.00
Tomica F-Series Neoplan Skyliner at US$25.00

Tomica Tadano Crane at US$30.00
Tomica MBS TV Truck at US$15.00

Tomica Skyline R30 Racing Car & Fairlady Malaysia Champion at US$20.00 each

All Tomica Iido Limited Edition R32 Racing Cars at US$18.00 each

Tomica R32 Skyline (Top) Dark Gray at US$20.00
Gulliver and Iiado Tomica Skyline at US$25.00 each

Tomica Limited Honda Civic Type R at US$15.00
Tomica Limited Vintage Toyota Corona at US$15.00

All Above Tomica Civic and Lancer at US$15.00 each

Event Tomica Lancer Turbo at US$15.00
Tomica Mazda Miata MX5 at US$12.00

Nostalgic Heroes Series Tomica at US$25.00 each

All above Tomica at US$20.00 each except Fairlady at US$30.00
(All are Japan made and not transition China made)

All above Tomica are at US$20.00 each. All cars has some nick or wear and box are not mint. Honda City has really poor box.

Tomica Nissan Skyline R33: Regular Issue at US$20.00, Special Variation Note at US$25.00

Limited Edition Nissan Cedric Fire Chief Car: USD$30.00

Chrome Tomica Toyota Celica at US$8.00

Rare Diapet 1972 Cherica Toyota Truck at US$35.00 (C9.5)

Loose Tomica Garage Town Set: US$19.00

Loose Tomica Construction Set: US19.00
(some dirt but complete)
Unplayed with Town Set at US$30.00

If you need more detailed picture, please send me an email.
Please send your payment to PayPal address: