Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Maxwell - Matchbox From India

Maxwell produce toy cars in the 1970s and they look like Matchbox regular wheels from far. They were built with low cost material, uneven shut lines and low quality paint. The wheels can't even roll properly. This should be the worst nightmare for kids who bought them. You can use the word "ugly" to describe them but strange enough, there is a certain charm in these toys.

Is this supposed to be a "Jeep" or a "Mahindra"?

Maxwell made Mandarin a better toy in the quality department. Well, both are equally bad but charming.

Setra Coach? I think Maxwell might worth a little more than the Matchbox equivalent.

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  1. I think the Jeep is a very bad knock of the Matchbox Aromured Jeep / US Mail Truck with a little modification. The showels on the side and the strange "boobs" under the windscreen makes that obvious.


    Well, the Setra is also not a question, however we have found a much better knock of it, from an unknown manufacturer from Hong Kong. I can imagine this is a knock of the knock. 8-)