Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lexus LFA Sales Sept 2011

Free Shipping to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei. Each set at SGD$85.00.

Email / Paypal : bonu@starhub.net.sg

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sizzlers Sales Sept 2011

This is a one time off sales. I will be selling off these Hot Wheels Sizzlers at SGD$50.00 per set for Go! Go! Tomica Followers. The price is valid till end of Sept 2011. I am selling it for SGD$65.00 at our Sunday flea market or Toy Swap Meet (if I want to rename it). Price does not include shipping to anywhere. Drop me a mail at bonu@starhub.net.sg before September ends and we can work it out. If you are reading this from 1st October 2011, price is now at SGD$65.00.

This set c/w a Sizzler 1970 Camaro

This set c/w Sizzler 1970 Mustang

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Matchbox & Tomica Lot

3 Parcels came on the same day today. I wish I can keep them all but space is a killer for me. I will pick a couple of them and will sell or trade the rest with friends. Any items interest you here? Send me a email bonu@starhub.net.sg. Ok, I know you can't see all items clearly, I just want you guys to email me (ha ha). Another issue I like to repeat myself again. It sounds funny but it's true, I can't leave comments in any blog and that includes my very own blog, so please send me a email if you really like to get in touch with me.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tomica vs Matchbox - The Dynamic Duo

Honda Civic Type R, everyone knows that.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X U.K. Police version

These cars are two of the hottest model regardless of the real thing or if you shrink them down 60 times smaller. I am referring to Tomica and Matchbox based on daily livery of our familiar road cars we have seen on the road, less the "out of this world" tempos. Cars can be hot without tempos too. Cars which only look hot in tempos are totally uncool.

4 cars will be featuring here are the Civic Type R and Evolution X U.K. Police from both Tomica and Matchbox. It is quite rare for Tomica to make cars that are not totally Japanese. Honda is Japanese but the Civic Type R is actually made in the U.K. The Evolution X is Japanese too but instead of a Japanese patrol car, it is the U.K. police version made. Tomica and Matchbox has been making similar cars like Bentley Continental GT, Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, Toyota bB, Mazda 2, Mitsubishi Triton and the latest edition is the Nissan Cube. I must complement that Matchbox Nissan Cube is a hit which I personally think that it is better made than the Tomica in overall impression.

The qualities most people looking for in a sports car must fulfill some criteria. It must look sporty or fierce enough. Performance must be able to eat any family saloons for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper.

In general, Matchbox passed those criteria in the fierce department mainly because of the larger rims and use of detailed tempos on the front & rear end of the vehicles. Tomica wanted to capture hearts by having some opening parts. Sometimes I think they tried a little over too hard.

The Tomica Civic has a opening hatch which isn't necessary at all and it is scale down so much to 1/68. It's a weird scale in Tomica history for a car that is similar size to a Golf or Escort. 1/64 will do the Tomica more justice and to do without the opening hatch.

Tomica Lancer EVO X has better overall finish as compared to the Matchbox. What Matchbox need is a set of suspension and what Tomica need is bigger rims. I wouldn't hope for the latter because it will not be Tomica if the wheels are oversize.

For the Civic comparo, the Matchbox hit it and the Tomica, sorry, a big miss.

As for the EVO X, Tomica beat its rival by half a body length. It's a draw for both Tomica and Matchbox today. The battle continues.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Schuco vs Siku on Transporters

I have a weakness for car transporters especially these sets here which contains a MAN and a Scania each. These transporters are the ones which I had admired on the German autobahn. The scale should be 1/72 based on the size of the plastic cars in the set. I just felt that the transporters could fit bigger cars as the plastic cars looked a little small although their wheels fit onto the grooves of the ramp perfectly. Since we wanted uniform scale comparison and the theme is German autobahn, I decided to have some fun with 1/66 Schuco and 1/55 Siku.

Loaded the Schuco cars up the MAN truck as I pick my Schuco cars randomly. Coincidentally, all cars picked are German cars consist of Opel, VW, Mercedes and Audi.

The transporter could hold 7 cars and looked decent enough. The downside is that the wheels of the Schuco doesn't fit well onto those grooves and need some adjustment before the photo shoot. They are actually narrower than the pair of plastic cars. It's strange that the smaller plastic VW and Porsche fit so well. It could be they are customized to fit nicely so that they can be sold as a set.

These 1/66 cars looked perfect match with my MAN truck but time consuming placing the cars onto it to prevent slipping.

Next, I loaded the Siku cars onto the Scania. The cars looked really huge and I have a mixtures of different marques.

The wheels of these 1/55 Sikus could fit the ramp nicely since they are wider than Schuco. I spend more time on this lot as compared to the Schuco gang. The cars are simply too large that I have to place my loose lot of Siku onto the transporter by trial and error. The truck could hold 6 cars but for Siku, I would say 5 cars if the cars like to enjoy business class privacy. Anyway, I "force fed" 6 cars into it. I was terribly challenged by the lower deck because I don't have many smaller Siku.

Siku look totally out of place for a 1/72 transporter. It's okay, I still have my 1:55 Siku MAN transporter to play with.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Guisval - Alfa & Citroen

Spain made quite a number of die cast toy cars in the 60s and 70s. Just to name a few: Guiloy; Gozan; Pilen; Joal; Mira etc. Today, I will be featuring 2 of my Guisval. Guisval is another Spanish build toy car.

My 2 Guisvals should be from the 80s era since these 2 cars are from that era.

This is one of my favourite Alfas of all time. Alfa made nicer cars in the past and this Alfetta GTV definitely top my list (top 3). Love those button wheels, I sometimes call them Tomica of Spain. Not all Guisval has button wheels, in fact, they have all kinds of wheel design but this is one of my favourite.

I am always fascinated by any Citroens when I was young. Styling of Citroen are always unique especially the half-covered rear wheels. I understand this is to improve aero-dynamic against the wind direction. I have not seen any BX in Singapore anymore. The last one seen was ten years ago in Tuas area. I know that Singapore used to have Citroen DS as well but seems like the ex-owners scrapped them all. I have seen one in Hamburg and another one in Rotterdam, super cool car (to me). The BX featuring here should be the predecessor of the current C4. Nice car, miss you BX.

Notice! Ken's Garage Shifted

Taking a last peep at Ken's Garage familiar display.

From 1st September 2011, Ken's Garage will be shifting to Kowloon instead. See above map if you happen to be in Hong Kong soon. If you are there, send my regards to Ken and maybe you will get some discount when you spend above HKD5000.00 in a single trip. (Joking, just to help Ken get more business worldwide)