Sunday, May 20, 2018

What have I been doing?

Some guys I met recently asked me why I didn't update my blog recently. Well, many things happen in my family. From last November, my father passed way till this Feb my brother got married. I will try to update my blog if possible as met a few collectors who told me that they visited my blog and I have not been updating. I will summarize below why I have been busy.
On 28th & 29th April, we had our first Singapore Die-Cast Expo and I took part in it. I took 2 booth together with some friends. We brought around 600 to 700 Tomica to the event. The custom Honda Civic I had done specially for the event. Thank you for the support if you got one from me.
My friend's booth, Let's Play / Let's Collect, engage a model for the show.
Something I am looking forward to buy in the near future. 

On the 6th day of Chinese New Year (Feb), I flew to Germany for business trip. I originally rented a small Seat but I book the wrong date so I had no choice but to take the only car on actual day of rental.
I meet up with my friend who recently bought an Abarth 500.
He drove me to Stade for a toy car show using this Fiat. Surprisingly such a small car and stable at 180km/h. It can go faster but he didn't try. 
The toy show is located in a VW showroom.
They set up as soon as we unload all stuff.
 Some nice cars they are selling at their stall, a Siku Opel.
A old Siku VW Beetle.
Other stalls but they are selling more HO scale train models.
It's a small event so not as crowded as I thought.

In March, I flew to Athens, Greece followed by Limassol, Cyprus.
Spotted an old Starlet.
A view from our customer's office. 
Greece has really nice beaches.
Another angle of the beach.
Patronizing the same shop I went last year.
Cabinet full of old toys.
Seems like nobody buy the toy cars. Looks almost the same stuff.
Found a RC Skyline

Here are photos of other shops.

View of where we are chilling out at.
A bar on top of a roof of a building.
My colleague never try Greek coffee before so we had one at a nearby cafe after drinking at the bar.
Pet shop is my favourite place to visit too. Always looking for stuff for my hamsters.

Your eyes is not playing tricks on you. The pigeons are as huge as the chickens. 
This is one shop I really like. Hans & Gretel sells ice-cream. 
Eating ice-cream in Europe is a must do for me.
This might be my favorite shop for ice-cream because everything look so fairy tale.
These are "breads" (I don't know the exact name for it) to go with your ice-cream.
All freshly toasted.
The witch outside of the shop.
I bought one after dinner. Taste really good.

View from my hotel along the coastline in Cyprus.
Spotted a Supra.
Then a EVO III
And a MR2. The owner chatted with me and told me that there are only 6 of these in Cyprus and he has 2 MR2 imported from UK.
Cyprus has lots of 80s to 90s Japanese cars which is a feast for my eyes.

In early April, I went to Japan with a friend acting as a tour guide for his family.
 Went to Mother's Farm
 Pig Bus to bring you around the farm.
 And also Panda Bus 
 Lunch at Mother's Farm
Our rental car for the trip.
We had lunch at Nakano before shopping around.
 Then bring my friend to shop for Tomica.