Friday, March 25, 2016

Ken-Box Matsuri Hong Kong

The day we have been waiting for finally arrived. Me and a friend are going to Hong Kong as event assistant for Ken-Box as they are holding their first event there. It will be held in Daboxtoys located in Causeway Bay.

When we reach our bosses' hotel room, we got a shock. I almost thought they shifted Ken-Box to this hotel room. The first question we asked is how are they going to sleep because Tomica are found every corner of the room. We had a small meeting on the next day as we will be helping to pack all 2000 Tomica for the event on 6th March. We target to complete the preparation by dinner time after our breakfast.

Next day arrived and we started packing boxes and boxes of Tomica. Eventually we managed to complete all by 6pm. It was very tiring but we had lots of fun.

Moments before opening of event, preparation work in Daboxtoys.

Boss working hard with us. I done my part, so I took photos.

Team work among us.

We are done and waiting for grand opening.
First batch of customers came rushing in. The response is over whelming and didn't expect collectors to queue up as early as 830am.

Each batch has 20 mins and limit of 10 cars per purchase.

We have members from Go! Go Tomica came from Singapore to support the event.
I saw many familiar faces from my group and requested them to take photos. I would say the event is a success and I might visit Hong Kong again in July if I have the time and money. See you again Hong Kong.