Monday, February 14, 2022

Jan 2022 Purchase

I will try to document what I purchased from Jan 2022.

My monthly procured items will exclude new release or items able to buy from retail.

I had this truck loose years ago but came across one that has a box but the truck that came with the box isn't working anymore. Buying the box for my working truck.

Wanted to buy this set for a very long time. Just feel that I got to do it if I seen one next time. I am getting this set mainly because of the Porsche. 

Buying one big lot of Tomica and Dandy together with my friends. Here are some of the cars I pick in the lot. I find that the Coaster looks nice so I just pick this. 

I had this but in a different box. I don't hate this Hino firetruck so I will just have another.

Toyota Celica is another car in my collection range so I had to have this. 

Old racing cars livery are hard to resist. 

This one had Marlboro livery and you don't see many racing cars promoting cigarettes nowadays. 

I don't have this Renault and it is in very good condition.

One of the best domestic series vehicle in the lot. Another Hino truck for me.

Most trucks from the 70s do look nice. You can't go wrong having them in your collection.

This is one of the Foreign series cars I had when started collecting. 

I chose this because the condition is great. I love Elite too. 

Not really a fan of the double deck bus but the gold rims looks really good on it. 

This is the left over so I just have to take it. I do not have a choice. ;) 

Went to my cousin's shop and bought something for fun. This is released by one of the hotel chain in Japan. 

Kind of regret buying this one. The card is damaged and the rear wheels a little bend.

Maisto may be a lesser brand to Tomica but some of their cars are not easy to come by these days. Another car to look out for is the Honda Accord. 

Mandarin toys of Singapore is always high on my list. This should be the 3rd Mandarin Honda 1300 in my collection. Price is considered reasonable so I bought it. 

Road Champs Jaguar XJS in burgundy. 

'57 Corvette. Not a fan of this car but I just want to buy some Road Champs. 

Tune in for Feb 2022. Wonder what I will buy in February. That's all, folks.