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Tomica vs Cherica - Toyota Mark II

Toyota Mark II (2nd Generation 1972 to 1976)

Don't let the name fool you. The first generation of this classic is also known as Toyota Mark II. The first model has close relation with the Corona. This car is slot in between Corona and Crown, so the first generation is more of a upgraded Corona. The car is competing more with the Bluebird in the 70s while the better specification model of 6 cylinder 2 Litres model is competing in line with the Skyline then. If there is a current day Mark II, that will be the Mark X. Tomica by far made only Gen 1,2 and 3 of the Mark II and also the current day Mark X.

I believe both cars are not made in 1975 (because the Tomica appears in my 1974 Tomica catalogue too) but they appears in my 1975 Catalogues (not re-issue, these are originals)

Here it is, no.69. Tomica Mark II

No. 0407, Blue Mark II

Tomica Domestic Box vs Diapet Cherica Box

Diapet Cherica Toyota Mark II

Tomica Toyota Mark II

Rear view of the Cherica

Rear view of the Tomica

This is the first time I am pitting 2 Japanese minicar against each other. The Tomica Toyota Mark II vs Cherica Toyota Mark II. Rightfully I should have call it Yonezawa Diapet Cherica. Yonezawa is the company who made the Diapet while Cherica is a subsidiary product of the Diapet. Diapet bread and butter models are based on scale of around 1/40 to 1/43 and they started making these in the 60s which is a few years before Tomica is born. When they wanted to counter Tomica, they introduced Cherica. That is why we call it Diapet Cherica, just like why we call Dandy as Tomica Dandy as Tomica is the core product. I don't think most people know much about Cherica because this is a short lived range in the entire Yonezawa history. As Tomica is way too strong for Cherica, they died off in the 70s, that is why Cherica is extremely rare in Yahoo Auction Japan and really almost impossible to find one in eBay. Try listing one Cherica in eBay and you will see the price went up like SGD against Euro 3 months ago.

Anti-corrosion base

Tomica Base has corroded due to old age, I guess.

Cherica are mostly in scale of 1.54 so that is why all Chericas are much bigger and heavier than Tomica. The Tomica in this comparo is 1/61 so it is much smaller than the Cherica but small doesn't mean that it is bad. I always think that "small is beautiful". Minicars at this level should be small but not to extend of HO size which is way too small for me. As long as it can be fitted into the Tomica box with some space for the car to breath, it should be a good size. Cherica quality is quite good and definite for any collector who are into vintage toy cars. It is quite similar to Tomica but bigger. Cherica range is almost similar to Tomica too although the range is really small due to short production years. Cherica do make cars like Toyota Crown Wagon which Tomica does not have in their range too but the proportion is a little weird looking to me. I have 2 Cherica in my collection while the other is a 240ZG (which I will likely do a comparo soon, I hope). I am still trying to get other Cherica from Japan if the price is right as they are not cheap due to their rareness of Cherica.

Old Tomica Wheels vs Old Cherica Wheels
I might be still searching for Cherica but based on these 2 models, I still would still prefer the Tomica over the Cherica. I have never seen a Tomica so attractive before, or should I use the word "sexy" to describe the Mark II especially when view from three quarter rear. That is why I can't help but kept shooting the car from rear. Tomica matching with the old wheels looks perfect match as compared to button wheels. This should be one of the most attractive Tomica I have ever seen.

Both cars welcome you to take a seat

Different Grill? I am suspecting the Cherica is the 6 cylinder version. Anyone knows?
It's really hard for me to pick a winner as both are really superb in their own ways. The Cherica wins for collectors who wanted more mass and being more desirable being more rare. The Tomica wins marginally in terms of detailing and finish. For myself, personal preference will be the Tomica.
Do keep a look out on my next post, I might have one lot of limited edition of 3000 pcs Tomica arriving from Japan which are mostly for sale.

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