Monday, July 26, 2010

Tomica DASH vs Darda

Recently, my friends told me that I have the power of inception. So here comes another issue of "Inception". I don't poison anyone with Tomica, never, I promise, I just influence them only, good influence for sure. Riding on to the movie, "Inception", my friends told me that they are incepted subconsciously. How do you get here? People don't usually remember beginning of their dreams but middle or the end of their dreams. A dream in a dream? Ok, I am incepted too by this movie. WAKE UP! You are watching (reading) the real thing here.

Today we shall know another 2 new "friends". DASH and Darda, sounds like Ultraman and his monster. Heeeeeeeeee......

Tomica DASH Toyota Celica 1600GT (I think) vs

Dada... Joking....

This Darda I mean

Tomica DASH Toyota Celica 1600GT

Darda Porsche 911

It is really a Tomica and Made in Japan

Made in West Germany

A video says a trillion words. Pull back cars are not always fast. Ok, Choro Q might be but they are a little small and started life in plastic. So here we are, die cast "turbo charged" pull back toy cars. I wouldn't say the Tomica is a pull back car. I took some time to figure out how the "pull back" works. So then I realised that it is "pull front". The Darda works both way, front and back.
All right, we should not bother if they are well made because this is a need for speed kind of comparo. Then again, sorry, I don't have a track long enough at home so I am kind of playing guessing work here and based on my experience when playing with these 2 new friends here. Although the Tomica is much heavier than the Darda but it response almost immediate when release so the century sprint is "zoom zoom". Darda being a lighter car started slow but could end up going faster on longer distance. Think GTi vs Kompressor. When can a Celica 1600GT be faster than a 911? Only in Go! Go! Tomica. But wait, saw that huge engine block from the Celica bonnet, it should be a Celica 6100GT instead. That should explain why a heavier car is faster than a light weight 911.

Lighter materials used on Darda

Darda 911 Sports Nicer and Bigger Wheels


  1. Wow, it's my 1st time to see a Darda, great find bro!

    I still need to watch Inception....=)

  2. I bought it over from a collector friend.

  3. DASH ( トミカダッシュ )

  4. Today's Darda pull back cars are not even the shadow of how good they were back in the '80 and '90s! I got my kid a model and was just shocked! It broke apart almost as soon as we started playing with it. Check out the photos of it in my Darda Cars article. It's such a shame - they used to be made from metal and the motors would last for a very very long time. NOW, they're from plastic and the motors die pretty quickly.
    AND OH YEAH! They're just too damn expensive for that kind of quality.

    Such a shame :(.. I loved them!