Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hauls of May 2012

A friend told me that I am buying too much and I should start selling. I have to admit that I spend too much in May, not to mention the cars I bought in Taiwan. Above loose cars comes from different parts of the world and converge in Singapore. 
Boxed cars but don't ask me to unbox them to show. Too much work to take them out individually. I can show you guys in next gathering. 
Larger scale cars from various brands.
I am keeping the Accord for sure. I have not seen a first generation Accord in sedan guise yet. To the friend who made the request for me to sell, start sending your offer to me if you seen something that sparks your interest. For friends who got my mobile phone, you may text me your offer as well but will only sell if the price is right. Only open for friends who got my contact number, not open to overseas. I try to keep as many as I can, don't want to be view as a trader.

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