Monday, May 7, 2012

Daewoo Nexia / Cielo / Le Mans

I managed to find the photo of my previous ride, the Daewoo Nexia. It has an Opel engine and the car is based on a defunct Opel Kadett. This car is registered in 1996 January and I bought it in 2002 January as the 3rd owner. A little history on Daewoo in Singapore: Daewoo first reach our shores in 1990 with the Daewoo Racer available in 4 doors saloon and 5 doors hatchback. This is also based on an Opel Kadett (older one) and the Racer (Cielo or Le Mans in some markets) mirrored the Kadett in looks department.  The first batch of Daewoo received good response in terms of sales and they also participated the Singapore Motor Show then. As Singapore was a nation who prefers a booted car in the last century, the 4 doors outsell the hatchback version. The same goes without saying for the Racer II and why mine is badged as "Nexia" because mine is the 5 doors hatch. According to the car sales man, Nexia has less than 10 units registered in Singapore which made my car "exclusive" enough for me to buy it since I preferred something uncommon.
I bought this 1/35 Clover Toys Daewoo Le Mans years back when I toured Japan for the first time. It was found in Gulliver and there are many Korean cars in the discount basket. I love it so I bought it since I drove one.
This might not be exactly the same generation as my Nexia as this toy is manufactured in 1993 which could likely is the predecessor of my car. Who cares since it is hard enough for me to find a Daewoo toy car.
This toy is made in China and offers a pull back motor.
The rear hatch opens showing a generous boot space just like my car.
The base has a seal which I don't really know what that is but I keep it intact. I like this very much and that is why it is still with me all these years. I didn't want to let go since it is hard to find a 20 year old Korean toy car these days.


  1. Hello, I'm trying to find where I can buy this or similar (Nexia I) model. Can you sell it or help where this can be bought?

    1. Good day

      I am interested in sell my Nexia but she requires a lot of TLC. she is running but the body has age marks.

  2. I would also like to buy one of these, does anyone know of a dealer?


  3. Hi, I live in Thailand and i use Daewoo Nexia too, and i'm trying to find that., Can you sell it or told me where can i order on internet.
    Thank you very