Friday, June 1, 2012

Tomica Store Display

I bought this departmental store Tomica display in mid April with the help of a friend in Japan. I just got it a week ago after 6 weeks of waiting. I have to send by sea due to its weight of 17kg.
I spend my weekend cleaning the used display. It's tough cleaning due to many inserts. Its solid wood exterior make ups 80% of the weight. 
Remove all the "drawers" to clean them. 
After it's cleaned, I randomly pick my loose Tomica to be placed into my "new" display.
The drawer can hold 8 regular sized box or 6 bigger sized regular box. My glass display bought in a furniture shop should arrive tomorrow. Many models which are hidden in boxes will have the chance to get displayed after tomorrow. I will be inviting all my car collecting friends to visit once I am ready.


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