Friday, May 25, 2012

Kombie in Taipei, Taiwan

Kombie as usual follows me round the world and we are in Taiwan this time. First stop will be Tomica Square.
 Kombie in Yeh Liu.
This is the natural formed Princess Head. 
Not forgetting the famous Queen's Head.
We also went to Shangri-la Farm. I did a quick shot on the balcony of my room before the bees and praying mantis charges into my room. 
We also went to JiaoXi which is famous for the spa hotel. View from our spa hotel room.  
This site is not in our itinerary so I am not sure what is the name of this place. Our tour guide is nice enough to bring us here.
The river is full of huge fishes and we brought bread to feed them.
Kombie in Zhongzheng Memorial Hall. 
Kombie also visit my favourite museum, the Gugong Palace Museum. 
This is a rather new site, Miniatures Museum of Taiwan but it look like more a toy museum. This is Alice in Wonderland. 
This photo shows an old street.
We went to "Little Italia" too. 
An old town in Japan.
Kombie parades himself in a fleet of classic cars. We had a really good time in Taiwan and we hope to visit Taiwan again in near future.

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