Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Tomica Memories - Yellow Hatch & Flying Car

Some of my toys are bought by my aunt (Gift Greeting's cousin's mum) and that includes Tomica. My family members knows that I like small little toy cars and my aunt together with my grandma are the biggest culprit showering me with these little gems. Every Tomica in my life has a story. Although just a short one but it is part of my growing up during my childhood.
It is another usual visit to my cousin's house in Clementi during the mid 80s. My aunt surprised us (my younger brother and I) with 2 Tomica. The 2 cars are loose so the boxes must have been dumped after removal of the cars. My aunt and cousin told me that the yellow hatch is for me. They says that I love hatchbacks (or small cars) so the VW Golf is chosen specially for me. I was so delighted as it is a hatchback painted in my favourite colour. I started to look at the other car, the Mercedes 300SL, which is for my brother. I find that the car looks amusing especially the gull wing doors so I exclaimed, "Kwang's (my brother's name) car can fly". My cousins quickly shut me up and warned me not to tease my brother's new toy because he will cry, jumped, get mad, reject the Mercedes and took my Golf. I guess I have to shut up (for my own good) and lost a good chance teasing my brother.
I guessed I would have pick the Mercedes if they are real cars. Any car can triumph any car in the Tomica world. Although the Tomica 300SL was not mine then but I paired it with the Golf since then. These 2 cars are inseparable in my memory.

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  1. Very nice story! I love these two models: One is new for me (the VW), the other one was already known. I have the Mercedes but in silver instead of red.
    The VW is absolutely great, 100 times better than its Matchbox, Majorette, Norev... counterparts, if I found it, I would surely buy it.

    I received that Mercedes when I was under 5 years old, so unfortunately, I don't have those nice memories to tell.