Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bestbox - Jaguar E Type

This is the only Bestbox I have and it's the predecessor of Efsi. Before there is Efsi, it is sold under the name of Bestbox in the 1960s, quite similar to history of Husky and Corgi in a way. Bestbox looks similar to Matchbox in terms of size and its wheels remind me of MB regular wheels.

My Bestbox although not mint, is still a charming little car. The previous owner has add some details around the car. I didn't realise it until Sini (toy car guru friend from Austria) pointed it out to me. I had seen many toy cars, junk to mint condition, had been re-worked on its details. Some are tastefully done and some are the works of kids. It's seems like everyone wanted something more from a toy car so I guessed why Tomica Limited is created. Sini advised that I can remove the paint easily if I wanted. I will keep it as it is since I thought it was done tastefully.

I love Jaguar especially the Mark 2 and the old XJ series. Don't be surprise if I happen to drive a Mitsuoka Viewt one day (but unlikely). It is actually a Nissan March disguised as a Mark 2. I like this car because it look like a Mark 2 without having to do a lot of damages to one's wallet comparing driving the real classic Mark 2. Among all Jags, E Type is the prettiest, coolest and sexiest Jaguar of all times. I have never seen one in Singapore but I heard that my colleague's rich brother-in-law had a de-registered E Type parked in his garage. The car was covered up revealing a very old number plate "SP99" which is from the 60s. The car was actually brought to the States as his daily transport during his university days and was brought back to Singapore after he graduated. He had many cars in his garage but I am just interested in his E Type. As for the Bestbox Jaguar above, it is not made in England. No prizes for guessing the country of origin correctly. It's made in Holland.

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  1. Way cool! I am agree with you, don't touch it! Is it good as is.