Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kombie in Greece

This is my 3rd time to Greece but it's the first time I fall in love with this country. We first stayed in Piraeus, then Cyprus and back to Athens. I used to stay only in Piraeus and ran between Piraeus and Athens but this time I stayed in Athens as well. The best part of this trip is I am staying just beside Acropolis. How near? From hotel, just turn left and walk straight, within 5 minutes (or less) and you are at the entrance. I didn't go in this time, been there twice. I just admire it from a distance. It's nicer view to see it from far actually and you can see the whole architecture. I hope to go to Rome to see the Colosseum if I had saved enough one day.

View from Savoy Hotel in Piraeus.

I walked around my hotel area to take some shots.

Saw a statue in the park. I don't know who he is. Any Greek viewers might like to tell us?

A building in Piraeus near the statue.

I had lots of different food in Greece. Greek Salata, Souvlaki, Kalamari, Lamb chops, Seafood, Gyros, Japanese, Korean, Thai & Chinese. I need to eat some Asian food after having too much Greek food, cravings...

Now we are going to Athens......................... I took some pictures near some historic sites around Arcopolis.

This is one of the nicest site for photo shoot. All these are built over 2500 years ago. A theatre in ancient days. I understand that it is built in a way that the voice of the performer can be echoed in the theatre. Kombie with a few thousand years old statue.

Kombie going up to Areopagues HillWe can see Athens on top of the hill. And of course, we can see the Arcopolis.
Kombie at the Temple of Olympian Zeus.
Another ruined site near Monastiraki.
Kombie at Zapion Exhibition & Congress Hall.
Kombie at the Parliament House watching Greek soldiers marching.
Kombie with some Greek soldiers in the background.


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  2. well after years i will answer you question.
    the statue is one of the 3 helicopter crew that fall in the imia crisis in January of 1996. he was born and lived in the area. he buried like a hero cause he died for the county!(now we never know how the helicopter fell in to the sea! some say that took fire from a turkish ship.others that just lost the engine we never gonna learn the truth. )
    the name is panagiotis vlaxakos.