Friday, April 22, 2011

Kombie in Cyprus

This is my 3rd time to Cyprus and 1st time for my little Kombie. It's a short stay of 3 days 2 night so I did not have the chance to visit much places unlike my previous trips. I was also a little disappointed that our hotel is not by the beach like the one I stayed in 2006. I remembered we drove to the edge of Limassol where we swam in the clear crystal blue sea filled up with colourful little stones in 2005. This trip is a little more safe but I get to play with cats in Cyprus. There are many stray cats in Cyprus but much better looking than our "Kucinta" strays. I just love cats.

We had lunch in one retro looking restaurant named Charcoal House. I always had lamb chops in Cyprus. They make really good lamb chops and the quantity served is larger than Singapore too. Notice the 50s looking Coca-Cola vending machine in the background.

I love Greek coffee. The Cypriots called it Cypriot coffee, the Turks called it Turkish coffee but they look, taste and the way of making it is the same.

Let's go T.G.I.F. It's just located in front of our hotel.

Let's take a look at their menu first.

But's it Wednesday today but anyway, we re-visit on Friday again.

I think we are a little early for dinner as the restaurant is clear of customers. I understand most Greek have their dinner at 10pm so I guess Cyprus share the same culture. They speak the same language too.

Handsome Kombie with beautiful Marilyn Monroe.

Let's go to the park near the coast.

I remembered that there is one section at the beach where you can go topless but I didn't see anyone there. Wrong section maybe.

The sand are so fine that you can use them for an hour glass. Shame that I am in business suit or I will....... so let Kombie enjoy it instead.


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