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Tomica vs Polistil - Citroen 2CV

Citroen 2CV - 1948 to 1990

This is Citroen iconic car, the 2CV. It is produced during the post war period and was sold cheaply so that most people can afford to own a car. Engine is air cooled and there are 4 engine types. Its largest displacement is just 602cc and it's also being most up to date in its range. The car is most easily recognized by its unique (or ugly if you think so) snail like silhouette. I never fail to turn my head whenever I see one and there's only 1 in Singapore. When I am in Europe, there are many chances a 2CV will crawl past me to wow me off my feet. This car also help James Bond to escape from some 504s in 1981.

Tomica Citroen 2CV is the best example around. I couldn't think of any other makes that can excel Tomica.

I did enjoy myself while doing the photo shots for my 2CVs. They look superb in any angle and I have to say that this is one of my favourite Tomica of all time. Today, we have a contender for the Tomica. It will be Polistil RJ series from Italia.

Tomica vs Polistil
Be it illustration or actual car on the box, it's just a personal preference. The Polistil box is a little bigger which might be due to all RJs are built to the same scale. The "extra space" act as an allowance for cars bigger than the 2CV. I am much more comfortable with Tomica box as I felt the size is just right. I am also very much agree with the blue-print of the car on the sides of the box. It makes you feel slightly more mechanical or technically inclined with the car.

Tomica Citroen 2CV, 1/57, Made in Japan

Polistil Citroen 2CV, 1/64, Made in Italy

The 2CVs must have felt puzzled why I have compared a French car using a Italian and a Japanese derivative. The reason is simple, I always wanted to pit a Tomica and a Polistil heads on. The first time I saw a Polistil RJ, I thought it look like a Tomica and I called it "Tomica that is made in Italy". Most Polistils are either an Alfa, a Fiat or a Citroen so the 2CV is the natural choice since it is the common factor (which I had both) of both makes. Another reason is that I don't have a Norev or Majorette version. I don't even know if they ever made them at all.

The Tomica is based on an earlier version 2CV while the Polistil is based on newer 1970s version. I have to say I made that assumption as the Polistil shows a square lamp on the box. The lamp on the Polistil looks round like the Tomica though but it certainly looks more of a pair of head lamps on the Tomica. The Tomica went to the extra mile of having more define lines on its body and the double chevrons on its grill is a must have.

The Tomica is a rag top vs Polistil's hard top. The rear of the Tomica also look much complex than the Polistil. The Polistil either does without linings or very faint details. The paint quality on the Polistil is far inferior compared to Tomica. It seems that most of the Polistil RJ I seen are never mint. They usually have a few nicks on their body.

Both cars comes with metal base

Both cars do have button wheels with the same number of spokes. The chrome on the rims are starting to fade off on the Polistil. Both cars comes with suspension and the Tomica is much bouncier. The Tomica rolls smoothly on the floor like a Lexus but the Polistil wobbles and only 3 of the wheels touches the ground. Some quality issues I guess.

The Polistil winning edge over the Tomica is that its pairs of doors are able to open for easy access.

While owner of the Tomica has to enter through the roof. Tomica made its 2CV with open top is a good decision. Not many maker does that and it makes the 2CV looks a little more sporty and a breeze to drive.

The Tomica is a clear winner which I do not want to rub more salt into Polistil's wound. Although there are some imperfections found on the Polistil, the RJ series of Polistil are not easy to come by. They are rare and at times, you might have to pay for a high price if you really fall in love with one. I did that and done that. One of my Polistils cost me slightly more than 50 English Pounds. I always think that they are an Italian Tomica since they produced foreign cars which Tomica do not manufacture. The Tomica will be consider a good buy if you want a good quality and nice Citroen 2CV, value for money I would say.


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