Monday, March 7, 2011

Kombie in Germany

We begin our trip from Rotterdam to Haren, Leer, Bremen, Elsfleth, Hamburg and eventually back to Rotterdam.

Took a picture for Kombie while in Leer.

One of my dinners while in Bremen during our 3 days stay there.

Looks good even for Kombie

Kombie just looked on while we ate.

Saw a nice church in Bremen.

Another picture before I move to next destination.

Lazy Saturday while I had my cola and frites.

Kombie in Rathaus, City Hall of Hamburg.

We met a Strike or demonstration which I don't know what is it about.

Rathaus, hard to get right angle with Kombie for full building.

Saw a map with miniature buildings.

Kombie parked near the lake.

A new friend which Kombie met in Hamburg. We stay opposite to Atlantic Hotel.

On the way back to Rotterdam.

We stop by a kiosk for toilet break and diesel.

Diesel for our Galaxy, not Kombie.

9 hours from Hamburg to Rotterdam. The police close part of the autobahn.


  1. Hi Syah, thank you for your good compliments.

  2. Amazing to see that your Kombie was in Hamburg were I live ;)
    I found your page as I searched for infos about my Subaru Rex from Diapet in approx. 1/28th scale. I think on my next journey I will make some pics with my favorite models ;)
    Greetings from Germany René