Monday, September 27, 2010

Kombie in Mumbai - India

Kombie goes to an Indian restaurant and we have vegetarian food..... Ok, I have beer, so not full vegetarian.

Kombie looking out of window from my hotel room. We stayed in Le Royal Meridien. Great hotel, one of the best in service I have ever stayed.

Kombie at Gateway of India. Historical!

Me, Kombie and background is the famous Taj Mahal Hotel.

My friend, Gupta, Kombie and Gateway of India.

Kombie parking near Taj Mahal Hotel. Looks grand isn't it?

Kombie traveling with me everyday to work in a Chevrolet Tavara.

Mumbai is the City of horns. Featuring Kombie at very last minute.


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  2. Hi Sisco, thank you and i am glad you like my posting. Where are you from?