Friday, December 25, 2009

Tomica Lamborghini Miura vs Lesney Lamborghini Miura

Lamborghini Miura (1966 to 1973)

This is one of the prettiest Lamborghini ever build in history. If you think this car looks a little familiar, yes, it is a Ford GT inspired design but I like the Miura more than the GT. Total product numbers is slightly less than 800 during her 7 years reign. Miura is powered by 4.0 litre V12 engine. The first comparo of Go! Go! Tomica "Face Off" series will be a Tomica Lamborghini Miura SV vs a Matchbox Lesney Lamborghini Miura. Who makes better car? Tomy or Lesney? Read on.

Tomica Lamborghini Miura SV (1977),
1/62, Made in Japan

Lesney Lamborghini Miura (1969),
scale unknown: Approx. 1/60
Made in England

Tomica & Lesney Miura faces off each other side by side. Worth mentioning that the Lesney Miura adds some detailing as they included an engine shown on the rear. The reason could be the Miura they based on is the earlier Miura while Tomica based on the face lifted Miura with "blind" rear windows. Lesney scores on detailing. Lesney 1: Tomica 0

If you close up on both cars, yes, I always think that Tomica made an excellent Miura but the Lesney cast is even better. Look at those detailing on the bonnet and you know what I am talking about. The Lesney has more clean and accurate details on the cast. The Lesney also looks more defined and proportionate if you compared with the real thing. Lesney scores on its casting. Lesney 2: Tomica 0

More detailing on the rear on the Lesney made the Tomica looks plain in comparison. Lesney adds 4 exhaust and a number plate (looks like an old UK plate)

Before this Lesney Miura appears, I always love the Tomica Miura (I still love the Tomica). The Lesney is really beautifully crafted and packaged in a way like trying to install all round disc brakes, 7 airbags, 6 cogs into a super compact. How about build quality of these 2 little gems? Early Tomicas are always superb in this area and early Matchbox are not too far off too. This is how they fared. Quality of fit seems to be better in the Lesney, smaller gaps, making matchbox sized car looked serious in this budget sector considering they have slightly more detailing. Quality of finish seems brighter on the Tomica. Better paint finish and smoother edges, the Lesney has slightly rough edges but it doesn't bother me much. Lesney 3: Tomica 1

I like Tomica mainly because of their famous button wheels (usually 5 spokes but this is 4 spokes). I do like the metal wheels (with rubber tyres) of the Lesney too. Actually the metal wheels looks better in the Lesney but it doesn't rolls well and most old Lesneys have missing rubber wheels. The Tomica wheels finished nicer too without having larger "pin head" in the Lesney. I do like to give points to both but I can choose only one. Lesney 3: Tomica 2

I am not so particular of metal or plastic base but I quite like the information given on the Tomica as it tells us the scale and production year etc of the car. What I do like to share with you is that Lesney has pack an interesting feature into this little toy. The Lesney Miura front wheels do steers! It's a special feature which Lesney named it "Auto Steer". So Lesney score points again. Final Score, Lesney 4: Tomica 2
Verdict: I wouldn't say the Lesney is a winner here although it packs more features like an engine, steering. I grew up with Tomica rather than Lesney as Lesney are from the 60s while Tomica the 70s. Lesney give a much vintage feel overall and the Tomica much modern in the general finish. I like both Miuras but the Lesney is just better fit and proportionate compared to Tomica.


  1. Hi Brian, do you keep Lesney too? Are you in Japan now? Can you give me your msn?

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