Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Day in Daitokai III and Morinaga Museum

30th May 2015 (Saturday), 2nd day of my trip. Today Atsushi San made a special arrangement for me. He told me that there will be friends coming in 2 cars to pick us up so I thought that he is arranging collectors of similar interest to meet us. We met up with him at the train station and he used his walkie-talkie to radio his gang to drive over. When I saw the first car approach from a corner, I was really surprised. It was a Cedric 230 followed by a Cedric 330. Atsushi San knows that I love classic cars and Cedric is one of them so he made this special arrangement for me. I was really overwhelmed.
We reached the first Hard-Off and had a small agony here. We were seated in the 230. The front door of the 230 couldn't open from inside or outside and Atsushi San was paralyzed.

Eventually he got out from the driver's door. We switched to the 330 after visiting the first Hard-Off store. Not much luck here.

2nd Hard-Off store and not much luck either.

We are now on our way to the 3rd Hard-Off.

Really love this car.

Because of the original hub cap of the wheel.

3rd Hard-Off we visited.

This looks more promising.

The toy department here is huge for a Hard-Off.

There are many junk yards in the outskirts of Tokyo. Honda S600?

There are many classic cars in the outskirt of Tokyo too. My hands are too slow so I managed to capture only this. Could be a Suzuki LJ80 or a Daihatsu TAFT/Wildcat. Other cars seen on the way are Honda Z, Citroen 2CV, Celica 1600GT, Austin 1100 and many more.

We took photos of the Cedric everywhere we went. According to Atsushi San, this place used to be the old Nissan factory many years ago manufacturing Cedric and Gloria. They came home finally after 40 years.

Something which puzzled me, the number plates are identical. The numbers are the same for both cars. Sugi San, owner of 330, told me that they are following exact registration number on the drama series Daitokai III. Both cars have sirens too. Wow, true enthusiast!

I bought some AEON cars here. Each person can only purchase 3 AEON Tomica.

Next stop, Morinaga Toy Museum.

Beautiful cars from any angle.

If you have the intention to visit, you can forget about it unless you have a vehicle and if you can schedule your itinerary to this place on a Saturday. It opens only on Saturday.
Peko-Chan welcomes us at the door.
Morinaga San is a TV presenter and a serious toy collector.

He collects drink cans from all over the world too.
There is corner of Tomica on the first floor. Many are rare and hard to find ones.

Whole cabinet full of Tomica.

Close up for your pleasure.

These are the expensive ones.

Some more.

 And more of this cabinet.

On the same storey, there are other toy cars by other toy makers too. These are arranged by makes of car manufacturers. I love VW Beetles.

Here are the VW Microbus or T1/T2 bus.

Here comes the super heroes.

Just when I thought there are no more Tomica, you will be thrilled if you step onto 2nd floor. There are so many Tomica all around the area. 

One of my favorite in my collecting list. Diapet.

Cherryca Phoenix, Model Pet, Micro Pet and Diapet.

These are the Tomica Dandy. Cool!

Tomica gift set and all series of Tomica mini cars.

Tomica Subaru 360 and Honda NSX.

Tomica Honda cars.


Here are more Tomica for your enjoyment.

Saw a display case full of Hong Kong made cars. This case made me really excited.

I saw a car that I wanted very much. A Winner Colt Galant.

A Winner Toyota Crown.

There are also a few Korean made Kingstar.

A Winner Toyota Celica and a Playart Toyota Celica behind it.

Another Winner Celica, Toyota Crown and a Isuzu 117.

Some Yatming in the case too.

There is also a case full of Majorette. What caught my eye is the red Mercedes.

Something which is high on my list. Schuco from West Germany.

I don't know if anyone is into Choro Q? Here are some.

Some Italian Penny.

Tomica Japanese patrol vehicles.

Tomica Suzuki Carry carries monkey now.

I should consider the Safari gift set. They look fabulous. High on my list now.
Toyota Hiace with cows.

Pigs!!! I love all Tomica animals.

Hiace with monkey.

Tomica wild life.

The one and only Tomica in the world and it is only for view in this museum.

Looks weird but unique since it is one and only.

According to the information, it is a Tomica Dream Motors series made for Morinaga San.

We decided to drive on for a coffee break nearby somewhere.

Have the chance to look at engine bay of the 230.

 Everyone gathered to look at the car.

I have a large Japanese caramel Ice Kacang. It's delicious and I finished it within 5 minutes.

Time to move on to next destination.

Last and final Hard-Off.

There's a Citroen 2CV, 2nd one we see within a day.

Tomy racing set. The price is amazingly low at 1080 yen.

All is completed and Wata San bought it. Extremely good buy, what we don't know is if the set works. By this time, my battery went flat. Couldn't take any more photo of us having dinner. I like to thank Atsushi San and everyone who is with us for this trip on this special arrangement for me.

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