Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Childhood Memories - Aviva Peanuts

Do you remember having any one of these Aviva Peanuts vehicles while growing up?  I grew up watching Charlie Brown & Snoopy cartoons, it was not my favourite but it still made my eyes glued to the screen. I remember playing Snoopy & the red barons video games on Atari as well and I was hooked. My mum only allows me to play video games during school holidays so I treasure the time playing my Atari.

Among all the Aviva Peanuts vehicles, the Charlie Brown racing car is the one I had connections with. I had this when I was a kid and I am trying to collect all the childhood toys I felt connected to. I thought this racing car is made by Tomica then because it looks identical to my Tomica Mazda Sigma MC74. Aviva produced the toy under licence so there are a few Avivas which were Tomicas in disguise. It was an interesting toy to me then because Charlie Brown is on the driver seat of a "Tomica".
My cousin had one of these trucks too which I believe was the button wheels version. I believed that our toys were bought together which I couldn't recall at all. I tried to exchange my Charlie Brown with her Snoopy but was not successful. Probably she like Snoopy over Charlie Brown. It is surprising that the button wheel Hiace Truck was made in Japan while the rest of all vehicles here are made in Hong Kong. This is also one of my favorite Peanuts vehicles beside the Mazda Sigma.

Here are some other Aviva vehicles which are based on Tomica casting. I think the Datsun No.1 is missing, any other cars missing which you think I should start hunting?

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