Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tomica Fair Singapore 20th~25th November 2013

The Tomica Fair starts today and I made a trip down to United Square during lunch hour.

Staff of the fair doing last minute setting up before the fair opens officially at 11am.
If you are a town set person, this fair will send you crazy. If you are after special models, you will be disappointed.

Top view of the miniature Tomica & Plarail town. Not the largest but good enough for local scene since we do not have many of these events for Tomica.

Close up on the Tomica town. You will see trains and Tomica running round the town set.

If you spent a minimum of $40.00, you will get to play "fishing" and win prizes.

Special deals you get in the fair.

You can pre-order your Initial D car. I have many already so did not order any today.

These event cars are not the latest edition, some are from last year or 2 years back. Good enough for local Tomica collectors.

I did earn one try on the fishing game.

The special edition diecast is a Isuzu 117 (Japan Made) which was actually an old model or overstock from 10 years ago. If I remember correctly, it is from "ċ†’é™İ王". Nothing special as it is not made for this event and local collectors don't collect cars they never heard of. Lastly, hope you enjoy your Tomica shopping for this event.

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