Thursday, August 8, 2013

Not Your Regular Tomica

I got hold of 2 interesting Tomica recently. Coincidentally, both Tomica comes from Hong Kong. It seems like all prototypes, errors or unassembled Tomica comes from this city.

I am not a fan of any die cast in unassembled state. I will never buy this if it is 5 or more years ago. I am more receptive in recent years considering buying all new regular release on regular line of Tomica. I would not consider buying a construction vehicles or an excavator then as I will prefer road cars only. I will not buy unofficial Tomica items such as customs done by Kahla Enterprise. I bought one eventually and I paid a high price for it. I don't buy Tomica Limited but I buy selectively now. I would think twice to buy this "split seconds" March because as a Tomica collector (myself then), this is somehow not complete. How often do you find this kind of "error" in a Tomica? Almost close to zero due to the stringent quality control of the company. It's unlike Hot Wheels which you can find errors here and there so there is a market for these error cars. Tomica collectors will prefer to collect rare variants or Tomica which are mint in mint box if possible. I bought this March because you can't simply get a unassembled Tomica in any shops. The closest which I can think of will be Tomica shop where you can buy a factory Tomica. Then again, unassembled factory Tomica are not allowed to leave the shop even if you just want to buy the parts.

I thought that this is one variant on its own initially but on closer inspection, it has no printing at all. The front grill is not printed, the bumper where the fog lights mounted are not painted, the Suzuki logo was omitted, fog lights not painted as well. The A, B and C pillar around the window frames are not painted black too.

This extends all the way till the rear. Rear light, bumper, windows, logo are totally omitted. It could be more interesting if the silk screen printing leave just 1 layer of printing out which will make it look more error-like and probably more collectible. I have a feeling that the March and the Swift are done intentionally to be error cars. This Swift without detailing somehow does remind me of Tomica made in the 70s and 80s when there are no decal or printing treatment as detailing on cars. The detailing of old Tomica are done on the mould instead. Although this Swift has no details on it but I find it quite attractive in its own way. If you want to find an error Tomica in retail, try the Tomica Limited series (now discontinued). I found a few with error wheels especially those on buses or trucks due to difference rim design on front and rear wheels. If you found a error Tomica, do post it on my facebook group for sharing.

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