Monday, February 18, 2013

Toyota Corolla Levin 1600GTV (II ADO & K-two)

I always wanted to buy this variant of the Corolla Levin AE86. The main reason for doing so as I like the match of RS Watanabe 8 spoke rims on the Levin and I just love collecting Corolla. Ironically, Corolla is also a car which will never appear on my list when shopping for a car (I mean real car) unless it is a KE35 and yellow.

I bought not one but two Levin. This is a limited edition made by II ADO (left) while the Levin on the right is made by II ADO too but a special edition custom by K-two (300 pcs only). The K-two variant received a TRD sun visor, rear GTV nomenclature and painted rear lights.

Watanabe sport rims, something you do not see on a normal day Tomica. I have seen other toy companies making AE86 in their product line but none is as charming as the Tomica. The closest competitor might be the Corgi but it is a larger scale toy which I always refrain from buying them unless I couldn't resist their charm. If I got my facts right, Tomica (TLV not included) had made the KE25, KE35, E80 Sedan, Levin AE86 3 doors Liftback, AE86 2 doors Coupe, '84 Sprinter Carib Wagon (Tercel in some market), Corolla Spacio E110, Corolla Axio E140 and the current E160 Corolla Axio Fielder. I have almost all casting with exception of the current Fielder. I hope Tomica will continue to produce future Corolla models.

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