Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adovanspirit by II ADO Co - Nissan Cedric 430 Fire Chief

Adovanspirit by II ADO Company - Nissan Cedric 430 Series Fire Chief 
Scale: 1/43
Origin: Made in Japan

White metal toy car is something which I like to add to my collection. They are extreme solid and lots of mass built into the weight of the car. I was in II Ado Company last month when I was in Tokyo. The white metal model cars are offering at a very reasonable price so I must get one for myself. I was actually spending a full 30 minutes going through all the white metal cars deciding to pick Toyopet Crown, Cedric or Prince Skyline. I would like to take one model of each but I am happy with just one since my focus are still 3 inch toy cars.

Eventually I picked the Cedric because I always wanted a Cedric or a Gloria coupe as a real ride. It's rather impossible due to the rarity of this car in Singapore. Even if they are available, they are not going to be cheap and the maintenance cost is going to break an arm or leg in order to drive one. After chosen the model, I gotta pick the variant which I like most. There are patrol car, road car, fire chief, taxi and many more for me to crack my head. I picked the Fire Chief because it has the most presence felt among other Cedric on the display. 

What I like most on the 430 series is the front and rear of the car. It is unmistakeably a Cedric which no other car looks like it. This Cedric reminds me of our Singapore taxi during the 70s and 80s but all are scrapped due to short life span of taxi here. Will I get another white metal model? Yes, if the price is right and only Japanese.


  1. Same story here, I am interested in three inch cars only, but this thing is seriously kick ass! Congratulations, very nice catch!

    One of the most wellknown Hungarian car journalist had a fantastic Datsung Gloria a couple of years ago, but he sold it because of an other project. He called it as the "Presidential" and everybody found the nickname perfectly right. You're going to love the pictures:

  2. Hi Sam, thanks.... very nice car he got there.

  3. Hi, very nice, can you help, I what to buy one for my collection, what will be te "normal" price, and where can I find one?
    Email: companhiaminiaturas@gmail.com
    Manuel Correia from Portugal

  4. Hey! Can you please compare them to bburago and Maisto 1:43? Bburago 1:43 Die-cast cars area really affordable but often break while Maisto 1:43 toy cars are really really sturdy but sometimes tend to be a bit expensive compared to others.