Sunday, April 22, 2012


There is a total of 6 Shelby in this set. I didn't buy all of them because I do not know who made these then so I chose 4 cars randomly. Well, now I do but I bet collectors from Singapore and Malaysia might not know these. I was attracted by the box and realised that the cars in it are well nicely made. The scale is 1/64 and doors & bonnets are open-able.

I took notice of these cars because I almost mistook them as Matchbox. The box look as they have match sticks in them because you need to slide them to release the car. All cars have rubber tyres which might excite Hot Wheels collectors. Detailing is better than most 1/64 scale die cast cars you can find in the departmental store. My personal favourite is the Cobra. I was thinking to sell them but I decide to hold them on for a while. I usually do not collect American cars but they look good. Any offers?

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  1. Nice finds! :)

    These are actually made by Shelby themselves, and marketed under the brand name Shelby Collectibles.

    I've been looking for the EXP500 myself with no luck! We just featured one as Car Of The Day on my blog yesterday: