Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lone Star Flyers

Lone Star started as D.C.M.T. in 1939. D.C.M.T. was producing metal toys in the 40s then. The toy car production started only in 50s and the earliest Lone Star 3 inches vehicle series is the Roadmaster. In 1968, Lone Star Flyers were introduced to compete with Matchbox Superfast and Hot Wheels.

From rear to front: Maserati Mistral (Red), Volvo 1800S (Centre), Ford Taunus 12M

What Lone Star has an edge over its competitors? Most cars have more than one opening part like the Volvo above which has an opening bonnet, boot and doors. All Lone Stars do have suspension like Tomica which was introduce a few years later. Lone Star made their cars more complete in comparison to other toy cars in the market. The Ford above could be produced at a later stage as earlier casting allows it to open its bonnet and boot. The earlier one piece wheel is nicer if compared to the wheels on these 3 cars. These wheels look cheap to me.

Lone Stars are very charming and collectible even today. Unfortunately, they couldn't sustain their business and was closed in 1988.

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  1. Hi, I found your blog yesterday or the day before yesterday, while I was looking for information about Tomica, I think it's a great blog, and that's why I joined. Keep the good work!

    About these Lone Star, I own a couple of them, but they're very rare outside of G.Britain. Your three models look absolutely great, mint and boxed. I like that they have many practicable parts and some accesories like those skies or surf boards or whatever.

    I have just seen you have marked some Guisval cars as "rarities". If you want to get some information about Guisval and other Spanish die-cast brands, I'd be pleased to welcome you in my blog. I sometimes talk about die-cast cars, sometimes about action figures. Hope you like my entries about Guisval, Mira, Pilen, Guiloy, Joal and more that will come. Today I'll publish something about Penny (Italy)

    Thanks for sharing those models with us. See you!