Thursday, January 12, 2012

Poliguri - Fiat & Mercedes

Today I received a package from Portugal. It contained Poliguri cars which are made in Portugal.

If you find that Poliguri casting look familiar, they are mainly based on old Siku of Germany and old Majorette of France.

The rims are similarly style like Majorette or Siku. The Fiat Uno above are slightly larger at 1/50 scale.

This Mercedes van looked almost a Siku. It's interesting to find these Portugese made toys and they are definitely worth collecting.

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  1. I also have some GuriCar that I bought in Portugal, and they're very similar to yours. I'll talk about them soon in my blog, I have the same Mercedes you have (200), but in yellow and beige, and a Peugeot 405 with the big spoiler, like the one that runned the Paris-Dakar in brown.

    They're great! the one that I like the most is your Fiat Uno, because that model is the only car I have had in my life. I had one in burgundy red, but I don't have it anymore since I moved.

    Great entry! Thanks!