Thursday, September 1, 2011

Guisval - Alfa & Citroen

Spain made quite a number of die cast toy cars in the 60s and 70s. Just to name a few: Guiloy; Gozan; Pilen; Joal; Mira etc. Today, I will be featuring 2 of my Guisval. Guisval is another Spanish build toy car.

My 2 Guisvals should be from the 80s era since these 2 cars are from that era.

This is one of my favourite Alfas of all time. Alfa made nicer cars in the past and this Alfetta GTV definitely top my list (top 3). Love those button wheels, I sometimes call them Tomica of Spain. Not all Guisval has button wheels, in fact, they have all kinds of wheel design but this is one of my favourite.

I am always fascinated by any Citroens when I was young. Styling of Citroen are always unique especially the half-covered rear wheels. I understand this is to improve aero-dynamic against the wind direction. I have not seen any BX in Singapore anymore. The last one seen was ten years ago in Tuas area. I know that Singapore used to have Citroen DS as well but seems like the ex-owners scrapped them all. I have seen one in Hamburg and another one in Rotterdam, super cool car (to me). The BX featuring here should be the predecessor of the current C4. Nice car, miss you BX.


  1. Woww, woww and woww! The Alfa is perfect, 10/10, you actually made my appetite for it.

    The BX is also cool, but the color makes me cry. 8-)

    Congratulations, you have a good taste! ;-)

  2. Oh, I also love the Citro├źn BX. My father had two of them (one after the other, both were the 1.9 TRD version, and both in gray). It had hidraulic suspension and with a crank, you could chose to drive the car in "low" or "high" modus: High for the highway, low for not-asphalted roads.


    And about those models, I have both of them. They were also available with "rally" stickers. My BX is brown; I knew about that purple version, but I do not have it yet. They were made in the latests 80s, maybe 1988.

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